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Wheel Trims - 16" Perceptor

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Wheel Trims / Hubcaps | Perceptor 

  • 16" inch Wheel Trims
  • Easy-to-Fit
  • Made from High-Impact Plastic
  • High-Gloss finish.
  • Boxed as a set of 4

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  • These hubcaps have a Multi-Spoke design and are Scratch and Impact Resistant for Maximum Durability and Aesthetic Appeal.


Tell Me More...
Wheel trims are often the first place on your vehicle that will suffer from the appearance of scuffs, scrapes, and scratches.  They can make your car wheels look old and worn out and drag down the overall appearance of the car.  Finding durable and attractive looking wheel trims can be a challenge with differences in quality and styles.

Whether you are aiming to replace your existing wheel trims, or to revamp the style of your car exterior, these Perceptor wheel trims are a stylish and easy to fit solution. The slick alloy looking trims are made from tough and durable high impact plastic and designed to deliver maximum durability and pleaseing aesthetics.

How To Select the correct size Trim For your wheels?

Wheel trims are suitable for standard steel wheels only.
To determine the correct trim size for your wheel you need to inspect your tyre.
Locate the 'R' number on your tyre.
The number that follows the 'R' indicates the rim diameter in inches
e.g R15 indicates you need a 15" Wheel Trim

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