5 Ways to Defrost Your Windscreen in the Morning

No doubt there have been some serious frosty mornings in the last few weeks.  January always seems to be a wicked cold month.  One of the many difficulties you may face on one of these cold mornings is a frozen windscreen.  Here are 5 simple solutions on how to safely defrost and clear up your windscreen so you can get on the road.  These tips assume you just don't have time to allow the engine to heat up and use your window heaters.

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Pour some WARM water over your car.  This is a very quick fix and clears the frost almost effortlessly.  However it does come with a very important warning - DO NOT use HOT water.  This can cause your windscreen to crack due to the sudden change in temperature.  You have been warned.

You can gently scrap the ice off using an ice scraper, or if you don't have one handy, you can use a credit card.  Use the long flat edge so that you don't bend or crack your card.  Great solution if you're away from home and don't have access to warm water.

The obvious solution would be to use some deicer.  It's specifically designed for this very purpose.  Just spray it on, stand back and wait a minute or so while it gets to work.  Of course, you may not have any deicer at hand when you actually need it.

If there has been a downfall of snow, then you may have more than simply ice to worry about,  A good way to clear snow off your car is to use a soft brush that will not damage the body work.  Be careful to clear snow off your roof as well, as this can slide down onto your windscreen when you brake and hamper your visibility.

If you anticipate a hard frost over night and want to avoid the hassle of defrosting your car in the morning, why not cover the windscreen with some cardboard, or a towel.  Then you won't have to worry about it at all and your car will be good to go when you are.

Safe Motoring Everyone!

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