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This range of Sprays and Garage Aerosols are one of our Top Sellers on the site and prove to be an ever popular product amongst our customer base.  Our extensive range of quality aerosol and sterling products are offered at budget prices to help you drive costs down for your business.  These specialised garage aerosol products and spray cans are for professional use and simply offer superb value for money.  We supply the leading dealerships, manufacturers and brands across the UK and Europe.


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At a glance, take a quick look at our best selling garage aerosols and spray cans:

This air conditioning cleaning spray is an excellent little product.  Coming in a small 90ml can - it delivers a powerful punch.  On use, the air con spray cleans, sanitises and deodorises air con systems in minutes.  It is simple and quick to use and the long lasting anti-microbial formula eradicates mildew, funghi and bacteria in the air system and components.  The entire clean out takes up to 20 minutes and is guaranteed to freshen up your vehicle.  This is one of our most popular spray can products.

This tetra schutz underseal spray is a fast drying, fast acting and fine textured bitumen-based car under sealing product.  It delivers excellent sound deadening qualities and rust protection properties.  It is suitable for use on all lower body panels requiring enhanced protection or under sealing.  It is a great choice when you want to add a protective seal to your car.

This general purpose maintenance spray grease with PTFE provides long lasting protection and is an excellent choice for use on car switch gear.  It contains the lubricant Polytetrafluoroethylene - 'PTFE' and it does not contain silicone.  It provides top notch water resistance.  It can be used in many situations and delivers a number of key advantages, including: rust provention, fast penetration, damp engine starting and long lasting lubrication.

This multi purpose white grease spray aerosol contains PTFE and is resistant to water, heat and salt.  It is a popular choice in the automotive and marine industries for use on brake linkages, gears, hinges and door latches amongst others.  The white grease protects against corrosion and has minimal appearance on the area applied.  It's key features include that, it repels water, resists heat and salt, protects against corrosion and provides durable lubrication.

This zinc galvanising product is an excellent rust and corrosion preventing primer spray.  It is a great choice for use on galvanised metal that needs some repair or re-coatinf work done,  It protects exposed welds on metal and galvanised units.  It is also often used to provide corrosion protection on pipes and steel fabrications.  It is fully compatible with both acrylic and cellulose based paint.

This bitumastic underseal is a flexible anti chip, anti corrosion, protective spray.  It is quick and easy to apply and has the added benefit of being fast drying.  It has the dual features of being a waterproof coating and a protective coat against salt.  This economy underseal is the best priced option available in the UK today.

This low toxicity silicone grease spray delivers high performance lubrication and corrosion protection.  A very popular choice in the automotive industry it is a rapis drying silicone lubricant favoured for its professional no-mess formula.  It is an ideal choice for using on metals, plastics, vinyl and rubber.  It is often employed in mould release jobs and for lubrication of slides, bearings & conveyors.  It has an effective upper operating temperature of 180°C.

This satin black spray paint is an ever popular product with our customers.  The paint is manufactured using a highly durable acrylic formula.  It is a rapid dry black spray paint and it offers excellent protection.  It is an ideal spray paint for us in the automotive garage or workshop where it can be put to work on many jobs.

As one of our customers so eloquently put - 'this spray is like a cold shower for tight nuts'.  It has a rapid action on application - releasing seized and corroded parts quickly and effectively by shock freezing.  The spray is safe to use across a wide range of materials including: all metals and most common plastics & rubbers.  Precise application can be achieved using the spray nozzle which comes packed with the aerosol to ensure accuracy when spraying.  The shock freeze process is a dual action process that involves cooling and penetration.  This is a great product for releasing seized parts.

This is an all rounder for chain and cable lubrication.  It is a specially formulated chain lubricant with excellent penetrating properties repels dirt, dust and sand.  It delivers salt-water and rust protection.  This aerosol spray delivers anti fling properties and extends chain life.  It is an excellent choice for the protection and maintenance of chains, wires, ropes, and cables.

This label removal spray can removes labels very quickly and with great ease.  This is an industrial strength label remover and also adhesive remover.  The key features of this hydro carbon cleaner include: rapid penetration on application and clean easy removal of unwanted adhesives without damaging the underlying material.  This product is not only popular within the automotive industry but also across a wide range of different industries and applications.  Take all the stress away and apply this spray for easy, stress-free label removal.

This dry, clear film lubricant aerosol spray is a highly effective moisture repellent.  It is also acid and alkaliine resistant.  It contains PTFE making it suitable for use in high specification manufacturing applications.  On application, this dry film lubricant spray dries rapidly and imparts a no mess PTFE lubricating coat.  PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene - a highly effective synthetic lubricant.  It is clean, long life, very thin coat and it is dirt resistant.  An all round, everyday dry film lubricant. 

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