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Low prices across assortments of Hardware, Fuses, Electrical Connectors, Heat Shrink, Grommets, O-Rings & Washers, Couplings & Olives, Trim Clips and more.  Take a moment to browse our collections of handy packs of workshop supplies.  We offer the best prices available online and FREE DELIVERY to all our UK based customers - see product pages for further details.


We offer the best value on all your handy packs of assorted garage supplies and workshop accessories.  All these assorted collections are in stock and ready to ship to you today.  Take a moment to browse our assorted boxes of:

  • Assorted Hardware - assorted self tapping flanged screws, repair washers, large self tapping screw, M8 hardware, flat washers + more
  • Assorted Electrical Connector Terminals - assorted electrical terminals, red electrical terminals, blue terminals, yellow terminals + more
  • Assorted Fuses - assorted blade fuses, j case fuses, midi fuses, maxi fuses, micro fuses & more
  • Assorted Heat Shrink - assorted 2:1 ratio heat shrink, coloured heat shrink, adhesive lined 3:1 heat shrink, adhesive lined 3:1 heat shrink + more.  Packed in sturdy transparent boxes.
  • Assorted Grommets - assorted blanking grommets & assorted wiring grommets
  • Assorted O Rings & Sealing Washers - assorted sump washers, copper sealing washers, bonded washers/ dowty washers, fibre washers, o-ring kit + more
  • Assorted Tube Couplings & Olives - this is a range of assorted brass olives, hose menders, brass tube couplings, brass push fits + more.
  • Trim Clips - assorted black fir trees, trim clips for ford/ bmw/ mercedes benz/ vw/ nissan + more.
  • Springs, Pins & Clips - assorted compression springs, nylon p clips, adhesive cable tie bases, split pins, r-clips, mini hose clips + more
  • Pop Rivets & Nutserts - assorted rivets, black rivets, nutserts + more
  • Miscellaneous Assorted - boxes of assorted sump plugs, number plate fasteners, woodruff keys, wheel weights, screw driver bits + more
  • Assorted Grease Nipples - collection of the most commonly used grease nipple fittings

We have the best value on fastener assortments, workshop hardware, and assorted hardware kit. Shop hardware boxes and assortment kits today!


[1] Assorted Copper Sealing Washers - Imperial
Imperial Sealing Washers, Material Copper, Sizes: 1/4" - 1" BSP, Pack Size: 225 Washers

[2] Assorted Blue Electrical Connector Terminals
Blue Electrical Connector Terminals - Blue Female Spade 6.3mm, Blue Female Spade 6.3mm Fully Insulated, Blue Butt 4.0mm, Blue Ring 5.3mm, Blue Ring 6.4mm, Blue Ring 8.4mm, Blue Piggy Back 6.3mm, Blue Tab Male 6.3mm, Blue Bullet 5.0mm and Blue Bullet Receptacle 5.0mm

[3] Assorted Blade Fuses | Box of 250 Fuses
250 Automotive Blade Fuses, Quality Blade Fuses at the Right Price, Fuses are neatly packed in a Sturdy Plastic Carry Pack

[4] Assorted Self Tapping Flanged Screws Black
Heavy Duty Self Tapping Flanged Screws, Type: Pozi, Gauge: 6-10, Colour: Black, Quantity: 700, FREE Delivery UK

[5] Assorted Repair Washers Metric & Imperial
Repair Washers, Sizes: 3/16 - 3/8", Bright Zinc Plated BZP, Quantity: 400, Rapid Dispatch direct to your doorstep.



All our assorted hardware collections are packed neatly in sturdy carry boxes.  The boxes are transparent so that you can easily identify the nuts & bolts contained inside.  They are constructed from hard wearing, long-life, durable plastic which will stand up to everyday rough service and will not let you down on the job. 

The boxes are individually compartmentalised to organise the collection in the best possible manner for each individual assortment.  This level of organisation and reliable packaging will save you time and effort when you are busy on the job.

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