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We sell the best priced and most comprehensive range of auto electrical supplies, components, cable and wiring supplies online in the UK.  We stock 12V and 24V components for automotive applications for cars, caravans & trucks.  With thousands of auto electric supplies and product ranges on shelf and in stock we have everything you need to keep your automotive garage or workshop running smoothly. 

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Our extensive range includes connectors and terminals for all applications, wire, cable and cable management solutions - shop the best 'auto electrical supplies near me' today.  If it is auto electrical parts you are looking for, searching for an online auto electric shop - then look no further, Grease Monkey Direct have your back.

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Auto Electrical Parts - Product Ranges

We specialise in supplying top quality auto electrical parts and accessories to garages all over the UK.  We specialise in the delivery, to professional garages of everything from - Automotive Cable, Battery Cable & Rechargeable Batteries - Electrical Connectors/ Terminals, Fuses & Fuse Holders - 12 Volt Bulbs, 24 Volt Bulbs, LED Bulbs & Rough Service Bulbs - Cable Ties, Bulk Cable Ties & Specialist Cable Ties, Heat Shrink, Heat Shrink Butt Connectors & Braided Sleeving - Switches, Relays & Junction Boxes - PVC Tape, Insulation Tape, Crimpers, & Conduit.  View our collection of auto wiring supplies and auto electrical suppliers near me now.

Top Sellers in Auto Electrical Supplies

HEAT SHRINK - We supply the best prices high quality Heat Shrink tubing online in the UK.  All out tubing has excellent Flexibility and Insulation properties.  Our heat shrink is highly rated as Flame Retardant for maximum electrical safety.  It is abrasion resistant and highly durable.  It is constructed from polyolefin, is low smoke generating and produces no dioxins. 
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ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS -  Our comprehensixe range of electrical connectors includes the most popular types - Ring Terminals, Spade Terminals, Butt Connectors, Bullet & Socket Connectors, Fork Terminals, Cord Ends and a wide range of Heat Shrink Connectors.  Look no further for great value on electrical terminals - best auto electrical shop online, in the UK.
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HEAT SHRINK BUTT CONNECTORS - Adhesive Lined butt connectors -  available in both Crimp and Solder variants.  Sold in packs of 25 to 100.  Our Blue Heat Shrink Butt Connectors are professional grade automotive heat shrink butt connectors are constructed from premium tin plated copper. A high quality nylon polyolefin casing is used to insulate and encase the connector.

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TAPE -  Our most popular workshop tapes include PVC Insulating tape, Harness Fleece, Non Adhesive tape, Gaffer tape, Foam, PTFE tape, Silicone Compression, Hazard Warning and Masking tape.  Whatever type of tape you need to get the job done - we are sure to have it in stock and ready to ship direct to your door.  Shop our range of electrical tape Today!
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CABLE TIES -  We supply a massive range of Cable Ties to garages and electrical supplies businesses across the UK & Mainland Europe.  Our selection of standard cable ties are available in Black or White and in a wide range of sizes from 100mm to 1000mm.  We also supply Specialist Cable Ties, Coloured Cable Ties & Bulk Cable Ties in full box quantities.
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ASSORTED ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR TERMINALS - Assorted Boxes of - Electrical Terminals, Assorted Blue Electrical Terminals, Assorted Yellow Electrical Terminals, Box of Assorted Red Electrical Terminals,  Assorted Heat Shrink Terminals, Assorted Copper Butts, Assorted Copper TubeTerminals, Assorted Heatshrink Solder Sleeves, Assorted Copper Butts, Assorted Twin Cord Ends, Assorted Cord Ends GERMAN, Assorted Open Ended Ring Terminals, Assorted Open Ended Ring Terminals, Assorted Cord Ends French. And, a full range of auto electrical supply products in stock and ready to ship.

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Take a look at the great deals on offers we have on our range of Garage & Automotive Accessories, our very competitive Electrical Connector Terminals section and our incredible value on Automotive / Vehicle Fuses. Check out our full range of vehicle wiring products, car wiring supplies, and all your car electrical part needs today!