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We stock all your Nuts and Bolts hardware requirements here at one site - at the best prices available online.  Our entire hardware range is priced at bargain levels and we offer the best value you will find anywhere for your supplies. 

Take a look at our comprehensive range of nuts and bolts.  With over 5,000 products in stock we have you covered for all your workshop, garage and DIY / Hardware needs.  We stock a wide range of nut and bolt assortment kits uk and offer the best value on nuts and bolts online.

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We stock our hardware in bulk so that you can benefit from the best prices available on line.  Take a look at our excellent range of quality nuts & bolts collections.  Wether you are looking for set screws, lock nuts or flange nuts, flat washers, repair washers or spring washers, wood screws, self tapping screws or rivets, Grease Monkey Direct has you covered.  Shop our range of wholesale nuts and bolts and metric nuts and bolts today.

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All our products are of the highest quality and as always come at guaranteed low prices.  Come take a look at our great deals and check out our reviews from our happy customers on Trust Pilot.  If you have any quetions our highly trained customer services team will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have.

Great Hardware Selection:

We have all the hardware you need to get the job done.  Wether you are looking for set screws, counter screws or self tapping - pop rivets, coach bolts or hose clips - steel nuts, locking nuts or flanged nuts - flat washers, sealing washers or compression washers - we have everything you need for your workshop at bargain prices and easy to find in one place. 

Look no further for the best value on cheap nuts and bolts - including replacement bolts for cars uk, all your automotive bolts and coloured black nuts and bolts uk.  Take a look at our automotive nuts and bolts assortments, nuts and bolts set / nut and bolt set, and nut and bolt kits. We have great deals on all nuts and bolts kits and large nut and bolt assortments.

Hex Steel Nuts:

One of the best selling products on the site is our range of steel nuts.  We supply high quality 6-sided hex nuts at rock bottom prices.  Look no further for bargain nuts - Grease Monkey Direct has you covered.  Our hex nuts are made from high grade steel are coated with a protective and durable layer of bright zinc plated for maximum durability, robustness, and corrosion resistance.  These nuts are built to stand up to the challenging environment of the British climate.  For your convenience we supply a wide range of both Imperial and Metric sized nuts and bolts.

Locking Nuts:

Another top seller on grease monkey - locking nuts differ from standard hex nuts in that they have been built with a locking nylon insert located inside the nut. The locking insert is positioned in a tapered section inside the threads and situated at the rear of the nut. 
These nylon locking nuts, (nylock), hold the advantage over regular nuts in that they lock into position when tightened into place.  This is particularly noticeable when the nut / bolt is subject to vibration - as the locking nut holds more securely.  The nylon insert, when tightened into place, locks around the threads of the bolt to create a very secure, tight hold.

Flanged Steel Nuts:

A flanged nut is a specially designed nut that has a wide flanged face on one side.  This flanged end acts as an integrated washer and negates the need to place a washer in position. 

The wide flanged face, like a washer, evenly distributes the pressure of the nut across the material to which the nut is being tightened.  This action improves the tightness and security and reduces the chances of damage. 

This increases the likely hood of a flanged nut holding securely tight in place over a longer period of time on an uneven surface.  All our flanged nuts are bright zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.  When purchasing flanged nuts - please take note of the nut size as this figure indicates the size of bolt that the nut has been designed to be used with.

Set Screw Bolts - Imperial & Metric

When it comes to setscrews - look no further.  We stock Set Screw Bolts in both imperial and metric sizes for your convenience.  Metric set screw bolts are available in the following sizes: M5, M6, M7, M8, M10, M12, M14 and M16.  Imperial screw bolts are stocked in sizes ranging from 3/16" inch to 3/8" inch.  Set screws are fully threaded the length of the bolt and have a hex head.  They are bright zinc plated and have a high tensile strength - 8.8.

Flat Washers - Light & Heavy Duty

Our range of flat washers are available in both light and heavy duty forms and also in both metric and imperial washer sizes.  The light duty flat washers are made from a light pattern steel construction - creating a light gauge washer.  The heavy duty flat washers are have been built for tough service and are constructed from heavy pattern steel.  All our flat washers are bright zinc plated (CR3+) for maximum longevity and corrosion resistance.  Our washers meet specification DIN 125A.

Repair Washers

Our repair washer range is constructed from high grade steel and they are bright zinc plated for maximum protetcion and longevity.  In stock we have a range of sizes: M5, M6, M8 and M10 - all of which available in a selection of diameter sizes.  We sell this range of repair washers in pack quantities of 100 and 200 washers per pack.

Spring Washers

Spring washers are available in both metric and imperial sizes.  Shop our range of Metric Sizes:  5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm and Imperial Sizes - in Inches: 3/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" Inch.  Depending on the size of spring washer ordereed they are available in pack sizes of 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500. 
They are manufactured with a rectangular cross section and are bright zinc plated for maximum protection.  They are often used to achieve a desired load and travel during fastening and are commonly used to prevent fastening or loosening due to vibrations.  This spring washer range is manufactured to industry standard Din 127B.

Fibre Washers

We sell red fibre sealing washers at the lowest trade prices to be found online.  Our red fibre washers are available in metric and imperial sizes.  They are durable, vulcanised fibre washers and are resistant to oils, solvents, petroleum, abrasion, sunlight and sea water.  These red sealing washers are designed to be used on cable gland entry threads as they effectively maintain the ingress protection rating.  They are suitable for use across a wide temperature range of: -60°C to +100° celsius.  They are used for electrical insulation, automotive applications, lighting, glazing, plumbing and marine applications.

Copper Sealing Washers

We stock an massive range of copper sealing washers in both metric and imperial sizes.  Whatever size you need - we have it!  Our copper sealing washers come in pack sizes of 25, 50 and 100.  They are constructed from quality copper and are designed to deliver a reliable and durable seal on application.  These heavy duty copper sealing washers deliver excellent corrosion resistance.  They are highly durable and demonstrate high thermal and electrical conductivity.
They are often used in in low pressure hydraulic systems and pneumatic fittings, car brake lines, fuel and oil lines and sump plugs systems.  They are suitable for use in outdoor applications and tough, challenging environments where they may be exposed to rough weather and corrosive conditions.

Copper Compression Washers

Good range of sizes available in our copper compression washer collection.  Copper compression washers are often used in boiler safety mechanisms and pressure relief valves.  They are sold in pack sizes of 10, 25 and 50.  They are also called copper crush washers.

Sump Washers

Economy sump washers.

Bonded Washers

Our range of bonded sealing washers are stocked in both metric and imperial BSP sizes.  Our collection of hardware washers are available in packs of 25 and 50.  We stock and sell the following sizes of bonded washers - BSP Sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1/4", 1", 5/8", 3/8" and 1/8" inch; Metric Sizes: M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22 and M24 bonded washers.  Similar to a dowty washer a bonded seal washer is used to provide a secure seal around a screw or bolt.  These bonded seals are designed with an outer ring of steel and an inner elastometric rubber ring that asts as a gasket. 

Aluminium Sealing Washers

Our range of aluminium sealing washers are suitable for use as sealing washers in oil drain points and similar applications.  The softness of the material means that they form a tight reliable seal when pressure is applied - they are a softer material than copper washers.  A range of aluminium washer metric sizes are available. 

Assorted O Rings & Sealing Washers

We stock a wide range of assorted boxes of o-rings and sealing washers.  Shop our collection of assorted boxes of aluminium washers, bonded seal washers/ dowty washers, fuel injection copper washers, copper compression washers, copper sealing washers imperial & metric, fibre washers imperial & metric, o ring kits imperial & metric and assorted sump washers. 

Self Tapping Screws - BZP & Black

We stock both bright zinc plated and standard black self tapping screws at the lowest trade prices you will find online.  Self tapping screws create their own hole as they are driven into a receiving material.  A pre-drilling step is not required.  They are suitable for use in both wood and plastic and can be applied to some metals.  Sold in packs of 100, our self tapping screws hardware are pan head, cross recess, pozidriv self tappers.  They are stocked in gauge sizes from 4 to 12 and screw lengths from ½ to 1½" inches.

Countersunk Screws

Best prices online on standard decking screws & blunt point decking screws.  Our countersunk decking srews are BZP Pozidriv screws.  They are highly corrosive resistant and sometimes reffered to as Self Tapping countersunk screws.  The standard countersunk screw has a slash tip to remove the requirement for pre-drilling which can reduce splitting.  The blunt tip variant are a popular choice in the auto workshop.

Wood Screws

Shop our range of cheap & quality wood screws.  Quality at the right price.  These wood screws are twin thread and bright zin plated for corrosion protection.  Our range of woodscrew sizes covers gauges: 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 and screw lengths from 0.5 inches all the way up to 3 inches.  They are all available in half inch intervals on length size.  Whatever size screw you need - you will find it here - and cheap as chips!  This collection of wood screws are made from hardened steel and have cross recess, pozidriv, countersunk heads.  They are sold in packs of 200.  The twin thread design makes these wood screws twice as fast to drive into wood compared to single thread screws.  The countersunk head ensures that when screwed into position these hardware screws sit flush with or below the surface of the surrounding material for a neat and smooth finish.

Hex Head Self Drilling Screws

Shop our range of cheap price, excellent quality self drilling hex head screws.  We sell gauge sizes  8, 10, 12 and 14.  These gauge sizes are equivalant to metric hex head screw sizes of 7mm, 8mm, 8mm and 10mm heads respectively.  We also sell self drilling acme hex head screws in the following sizes: 8, 10, 12 and 14mm x 3/4" inch.  The acme hex heads come with a washer.  Our standard hex head screws and the acme variants are BZP and sold in packs of 100.

Coach Bolts

Cheap, general purpose, threaded coach bolts.  We stock a range of metric size coach bolts at low trade prices.  Browse our range of M6, M8 and M10 diameter bolts - available with length sizes of 40mm and 75mm.  These are strong, reliable, heavy duty coach bolts.  They are zinc plated and available in pack sizes of 50 and 100.

Black Aluminium Pop Rivets

Standard and large flange black aluminium pop rivets in a range of sizes for all job requirements.  Our large flange range are available in five sizes: 3.2 x 10mm, 4.0 x 10mm, 4.8 x 14mm, 4.8 x 18mm and 4.8 x 25mm.  They are available in pack sizes of 100.  Our standard black aluminium pop rivet is available in sizes 3.2mm, 4.0mm and 4.8mm with rivet lengths of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 20mm.  All listed at the best cheap prices available online in the UK.

Multigrip Pop Rivets

Standard multigrip rivets and large flange multi grip rivets at rock bottom cheap prices.  This range of multigrip rivets are available in the following sizes: 3.2mm, 4.0mm and 4.8mm.  They are sold in pack quantities of 250 for the 4.8mm and packs of 500 for the rest.  These multigrip rivets are a very versatile product and capable of riveting materials where otherwise several different sizes of standard rivets would be required. 
They are an excellent choice for hardware diy jobs where material thicknesses varies and a number of different sized standard rivets would be required.  The wide grip range delivers a wider capability and means different sized rivets need not be invested in.  They can save you money on projects.

Standard Aluminium Pop Rivets

Quality standard aluminium pop rivets at the cheapest prices available online.  We stock both standard flange, large flange and long plain rivet sizes.  These are quality manufactured rivets made from aluminium and are available in a wide selection of sizes including: 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm and 6.4mm.  These standard aluminium rivets are available in pack sizes of 250 and 500. 

Mono Bolt Pop Rivets

We sell Mono Bolts at the best price available online.  These mono bolts are available in two sizes: 6.4mm x 24mm and 6.4mm x 32mm.  They are sometimes referred to as blind bolts.  The bolts are available in pack sizes of 100.  Monobolt blind rivets are ideally suited to demanding jobs where performance and safety are of a high priority.  They are used in applications requiring one sided access and a durable high strength fastener.  These monobolt rivets can be applied to fasten a range of materials, including: metal to metal and metal to plastic. 

Peel Rivets

We sell peel rivets in two different sizes 4.8mm x 14mm and 4.8mm x 20mm.  They are available in pack sizes of 250.  Peel Rivets are break mandrel rivets that are specially designed for the quick and simple fastening of rigid materials to soft materials.  They are ideally used
for jobs involving plastics or materials with low resistance.  It fastens materials by drawing the mandrel head into the body as the expanding body locks the material together between the mandrel head and the body head.
There are many advantages to using peel rivets including; single side access - Blind Rivet, they are ideal for use with soft or low resistance materials such as wood and plastics, they can be used in oversized holes, and they cover a wide range of thicknesses: 0.8 mm to 175 mm.

Screwed Rods

We stock a wide selection of fully threaded screwed rod bolts to suit all jobs.  Shop our range of sizes in both UNF and Metric measurements.  Each threaded bar is 300mm / 12 inches long, zinc plated and sold in packs of 10.  The UNF / Metric rod sizes available are: UNF: 1/4" Inch, 3/8" Inch, 5/16" Inch  -  Metric: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

Assorted Steel

Cheap assorted steel - the best priced steel available online in the UK.  Browse our range of Assorted Angle Iron, Assorted Flat Bar, Imperial & Metric Assorted Key Steel and Assorted Round Bar.  This range of cheap steel is available in the following quantities: Angle Iron - 5kg, 5 Assorted Pieces; Flat Bar Steel - 10kg, 9 Assorted Pieces; Key Steel Imperial - 10 Pieces; Key Steel Metric - 10 Pieces; Round Bar Steel - 11.5kg, 12 Assorted Pieces.  Buy Now!

Clevis Pins

Buy quality Clevis Pins online at the best prices available anywhere in the UK.  This is a collection of durable, safe and secure Clevis Pin Clips.  Our Clevis Fasteners are all Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) for corrosion resistance and maximum durability in challenging environments.  These industrial clevis pins are available in both imperial and metric sizes.  They are often used to secure two components on automobiles where a range of movement is needed.  They are also employed on sailboats to connect rigging.

Linch Pins

We stock a range of safe and secure cheap linch pins designed for heavy duty service.  They are bright zinc plated to deliver maximum corrosion resistance. They are availabe in siz sizes and sold in packs of 10: 4.5 x 40mm, 6 x 45mm, 8 x 45mm, 9.5 x 70mm, 10 x 45mm and 11 x 50mm.
Linch Pins, (also spelled linch pin lynchpin or lynch pin), are a secure fastening device used to securely attach a wheel or other part to the axle upon which it is riding. They are sometimes used in place of an R clip for securing hitch pins.

Split Pins

Buy Split Pins Online - Shop our range of split pins available in a wide range of sizes.  They are bright zinc plated to provide corrosion resistance in challenging outdoor environments.  They are sold in pack size quantities of 100 and 200.

Also referred to as a cotter pin, a split pin is thick metal wire fastener.  Its tines are bent to secure it safely into place.  Split pins serve a similar function to rivet pins. Our selection of split pins are available in multiple sizes and are built to provide secure, safe holding.

Speed Fasteners

We sell a big range of U Clip Speed Fasteners, or U Bolts.  Shop our collection of fasteners and choose from a selection of different types and sizes.  In stock we have Type 6, Type 8, Type 10, Type 12 and Type 14.  All our u bolt / u clip fasteners are zinc plated for optimal corrosion resistance.  We offer our speed fasteners at low trade prices and won't be beaten on price anywhere in the UK on U Bolts.

Number Plate Screws

Shop our range of Number Plate Screws hardware - all at the best low trade prices online. We have a great selection of plate screws and accessories in stock.  We have all the colours to match your number plates - Black, Blue, White & Yellow. 

Take a moment to view our collection of: Assorted Boxes of Number Plate Fasteners, Assorted Boxes of Dome Type Screws, Screws with Flip Hinge Caps, Domed Screws, Number Plate Screws with Nuts, Screws with Moulded Heads, Hinge Flip Screw Plastic Caps, Number Plate Sticking Pads.  Shop Now!

Pins & R Clips

We stock a wide range of Brake Pad Pins, Chassis Clips and R-Clips hardware all at cheap prices - the best prices online.  All our R Clips are made from Mild Steel and are Bright Zinc Plated for maximum durability and longevity and they are suitable for use with Clevis Pins.  We also sell R Pins in sizes of: 2mm to 6mm diameters.
The clip pack range are available in pack quantities of 10, 25 & 50.  Discounts are offered on bulk orders and there is Free Delivery within the UK.  The R-Clips are available in a range of sizes: 2mm x 43mm (pin diameter x total length), 3mm x 54mm, 4mm x 75mm, 5mm x 105mm, 6mm x 115mm.
Shop our range of retaining pins - we stock both small (4-5mm), and large (5-7mm) brake retaining pins.  These clips are suitable for use on brake pad retaining pins.  We also sell spring steel chassis clips in packs of 50.

Hose Clips & Mini Hose Clips

When it comes to hose clips and mini hose clips we offer the best value on all DIY hardware to get the job done.  We offer a range of both standard sized and mini hose clips.
We stock both standard hose clips and the mini sized in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel types and all area available at low trade prices.  Our range of mild steel mini hose / standard clamps are constructed from mild steel and are bright zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance.  They are a very popular choice for jobs on petrol pipes and small bore applications.  As the screw head on the these mini hose clips is tightrened it spreads the load evenly across the band to create a mechanically secure connection.  These clips are sold in packs of 50.
Our collection of stainless steel standard / mini hose clips are a more durable and corrosion resistant alternative to the mild steel option and are better suited to difficult hardware jobs.  Stainless steel mini hose clips are sold in packs of 10.  All of our mini hose clips are a great choice when working on jobs involvong small pipes in difficult to reach positions.  They are used to clamp small hoses or pipes onto fittings.

Assorted Pop Rivets & Nut Serts

Shop our garage hardware collection of pop rivets and nutserts.  They are available in three assortment packs of: [1] Assorted Box of Standard Aluminium Rivets + Washers, [2] Assorted Box of Black Rivets, and [3] Assorted Box of Nutserts 4mm to 8mm.  Our nutserts are steel constructed, serrated and come in a collection of the most popular sizes.

Assorted Hardware

We offer the best range and best prices on boxes of assorted hardware for garages, workshops and DIY.  Whatever nuts & bolts you are looking for you will find it when you shop our comprehensive range of assorted hardware handy packs.  All our assorted hardware collections come in easy to transport sturdy carry boxes.  The boxes are transparent for easy identification of contents.  They are compartmentalised to allow for easy segmentation of parts and organisation.
We sell:

SCREWS - Machine Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Self Tapping Stainless Steel Screws, Self Tapping Flanged Screws, Self Tapping Posidrive Screws, Acme Screws, Grub Screws, Metric Setscrews, BA Screws, Imperial Setscrews, Hex Head Screws, Socket Screws and Wood Screws.

NUTS - Flanged Nuts, Steel, Metric Nylon Insert, Imperial Nylon Insert, Stainless Steel Nuts - Metric & Imperial and Nylocs

WASHERS - Metric & Imperial - Flat Washers, Spring Washers, Repair Washers and Stainless Steel Flat Washers.  And, Speed Fasteners.


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