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Soldering Accessories & Equipment:

We stock all your Workshop Soldering Supplies and offer rapid dispatch all at Bargain Prices.  We stock Gas & Electric Soldering Irons, Soldering Kits, Soldering Tips, Fluxed Core Solder, Soldering Flux and much more.  All our products are of guaranteed quality and available at the best prices online.  Fast dispatch and FREE Delivery is available on all qualifying orders.

We stock all the best sellers and most popular soldering equipment including; Portasol Super Pro Gas Soldering Irons, Single Flat Soldering Iron Tips and Double Flat Soldering Iron Tips, Rosin Core Solder, Lead Free Flux Core Solder, Butane Gas, Soldering Heat Deflectors, Soldering Hot Blower Tips, Soldering Hot Knife Tips, Soldering Spare Tips, Soldering Flux Paste, Solder Pumps, Electric Soldering Irons, Soldering Iron Stand, Soldering Kits, Body Solder Kits, Tinmans Solder Sticks and Welding Gloves.