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Take a look at our list of the top 13 most important things to keep in your boot.  Here are the essentials everybody needs...



First up, you should always carry a first aid kit in the boot of your car. Fingers crossed you'll never need it but it's great to have to patch up minor injuries when you're out on the road

It should contain a set of plasters, bandages, antiseptic swabs, and scissors. It is your first point of call to take care of any minor bumps, cuts, or accidents that you or your passengers encounter.  

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Most cars have one but if you bought second hand you need to check. Take a quick look and make sure there is a jack in the boot of your car.

You'll have to lift up the boot protector and spare wheel to find it – but it's vital it's in there. If you get a puncture while out on the road you're going to need a jack to change the wheel.

It's always worth checking – just to be sure there's a jack in there. If you're missing one, put it top of your list and get one in there as soon as you can.

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While you're checking for the jack make sure there's a wheel wrench in there too. You're going to need this to loosen your wheel nuts and remove the wheel if you get a puncture.

However, we recommend you invest in an extendable wheel nut wrench. Wheel nuts can become very stiff and difficult to remove. This wrench will loosen even the most stubborn wheel nuts in no time.

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4: WD40

Often overlooked is WD40 – or equivalent penetrating spray. These things can be a real life saver. Just get a small can and toss it into the boot.

Not only is it the perfect solution for a thousand-and-one odd jobs - it's incredible for loosening tight nuts. If you get a puncture and need to change the wheel, this thing could be just what you need.

Sometimes wheel nuts are so tight they just won't budge! Spray some of this on and wait five minutes. Next thing you know you'll be unscrewing them effortlessly.

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This is a real essential in case of a breakdown. Make sure you have an emergency reflective triangle packed safely in your boot.

If your car breaks down and you get stuck on the side of the road these things warn other drivers and give you a bit of safety. Just prop it up on the road behind your vehicle to warn on coming traffic.

In low light or night time conditions, it will reflect the headlights of approaching traffic. It highlights your presence on the roadside and might just prevent an accident.


Simple but effective. Pack a high visibility vest into your boot. They took up very little room but could come in handy someday.

If you have a breakdown and have to leave the vehicle just throw it on. They provide excellent visibility and could just save your life in low-light conditions.

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Unfortunately, we all get flat tyres from time to time. And they rarely happen in close proximity to a garage.

If you're out on the road and notice you have lost some tyre pressure this thing will sort you out long enough to drive to the closest tyre repair centre.

They're small, take up very little room, and can inflate a fully flat tyre in just 10 minutes. Electric inflators plug into the cigarette lighter and manual versions use a foot pump.

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These pocket gauges are a great investment. They clip onto a keyring, are lightweight, and cost just a few pounds.

You can use them to check your tyre pressure at any time. Just remove the dust cap, press the gauge onto the tyre valve, and you'll get an air pressure reading in seconds.

You can use them to check your tyre pressure at any time and avoid a trip to the garage. They're great for checking your tyres and giving you peace of mind before you set off on a long journey.


Throw a roll of duct tape in your boot. They're great for running repairs and can hold together a temporary job until you get to a garage.

They can be used to patch together cracks, loose connections, and hold mirrors in place until you get time to get the damage repaired properly. Duct tape is not a long-term solution, but it can get you out of a tight spot.

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Your engine must always be fully topped up with oil. If it runs low at any time you're potentially in for some serious problems – even engine failure.

Our advice is to keep some motor oil in your boot in case you need to top up while out on the road. Just make sure you get the correct oil for your particular vehicle and engine.

Also, make sure you check your oil regularly – don't just rely on the dashboard warning light. Wait until the engine has cooled down and take a reading using the dipstick. This will keep you out of trouble.


bottle of water

This is a great little tip. If you're out on the road and get stuck in traffic – having some drinking water at hand can be a real life saver. Or, at least make you feel a hell of a lot better.

You could be dehydrated, feeling under the weather, or even hungover. Having a bottle of water in the boot will give you some quick relief.

Bottle water is cheap and readily available. Except when you're stuck in traffic or out on the road. Just throw a 500ml bottle in the boot and as long as the seal is intact, you have water whenever you need it.


Most people have one of these somewhere in the car. But we tend to forget about them during the summer months. Take a quick look and make sure you've got them sorted.
Using a proper de-icer is the quickest and safest way to de-ice your windows on a frosty morning while the car heats up. Pouring warm water on a frozen windscreen can crack the glass.

You can use the scraper to remove excess ice and snow if the weather has been particularly bad and then apply the de-icer. You'll be safely back on the road in no time.


Put some cash in the boot! People often overlook this one – but it can be a real lifesaver if you leave the house without your wallet. And, we all do that from time to time.

Just stick a small amount of cash somewhere secure in the boot of your car. Then it's always there if you need it. You could be very thankful for it someday.

All you need is enough to buy some petrol or diesel. Or, even a few pounds to pick up a coffee and a sandwich on the road if you get peckish. You'll be very glad of it.

That’s our complete list of car boot essentials, car essentials, and car boot accessories. Sort your car boot organiser today and remember to use a car boot liner to keep everything nice and tidy. What should be in a boot of a car? Now you know the items you should keep in your vehicle.





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