Grease Guide: What is Aluminium Grease Used For?

what is aluminium grease used for

Aluminium grease is a multi-functional, multi-purpose lubricant widely used in the automotive industry.  It is commonly used to grease wheel bearing mechanisms.  Aluminium grease is able to withstand the very high temperatures associated with wheel bearings and stays in place with minimum leakage.  Other greases could fail in this high temperature scenario. It is also used to grease trailer wheel bearings and hitches.


Aluminium grease is a long-life, heat-resistant, water-resistant grease ideally suited for use in anti-friction roles and plain bearing loads.  It performs well in both high load scenarios and under extreme water conditions - it stays in place very well with a minimum of leakage.  It can withstand very high temperature environments, (over 240°C), commonly found in the automotive industry.



AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: What is aluminium used for in the auto workshop? Aluminium grease is commonly used as a lubricant in wheel bearings with disc brake systems.  It is a good choice as a wheel bearing lubricant as it can withstand the high temperatures generated better than other types of grease.  It stays in place really well and displays very low leakage after application.

MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY:  Aluminum grease is a popular choice for the lubrication of machinery parts in the manufacturing industry.  Due to its excellent water resistance properties it is a great choice when water contact is going to take place.  It is also often used in food grade scenarios.

TRAILERS & HITCHES:  It is a good choice for the greasing of trailer wheel bearings and hitches.  Additionally, its water resistance properties makes it a very good choice for use on boat trailer hitches.

CONSTRUCTION & FARMING:  Aluminum based grease is used in the construction and farming industries as a general purpose grease and as bearing lubricant.  It is a good all-rounder at protecting equipment from rust and for providing reliable long-term lubrication.

STEEL MILLING INDUSTRY:  It is commonly used in the steel mill industry to grease and lubricate hot and cold rolling mills that operate under conditions of extreme pressure.  Its ability to retain consistency after repeated usage and repeated heating and cooling make it a resilient grease suitable for use in extremely challenging environments such as the steel milling industry. 


Typically aluminium grease can better resist water washout compared to a lithium based grease and has a modestly better oxidation stability.  Another key differences between aluminium grease and other grease, for example lithium or copper based alternatives, is cost.  Aluminium grease is a more expensive lubricant to produce.



  • High Dropping Point & Application Temperature
  • Excellent  Water  Resistance
  • Water Washout Resistance - highly resistant to water washout
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent Pumpability & Handling
  • Heat Resistant/ High Operating Temperature
  • Compatible with Wide Range of Other Greases
  • Retains Consistency after Repeated Heating & Cooling


  • Shear Stability  - aluminum grease may break down more easily compared to other greases
  • Cost - more expensive compared to lithium based grease
  • Messy/ Difficult to Clean Up - it can be difficult to clean up - clothes and skin


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What is The Best Grease To Use On Aluminum?

Lithium grease is a good choice for lubricating an aluminium contact surface. It is commonly used as the best grease for aluminum parts, or as the best lubricant for aluminum on aluminum.  Aluminium grease is not designed as a grease for aluminum.


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