what is lithium grease used for

Lithium grease is the most commonly used lubricating grease around the globe - accounting for 75% of lubricating applications across all industries.  In the automotive industry it is commonly used as a lubricant in wheel bearing and chassis applications.  It demonstrates excellent water resistance and high temperature resistance.  This dual capability means it has largely displaced traditional sodium and calcium based greases.


Lithium grease's popularity is due in part to its ability to function as a multi-purpose grease.  It is by far the most popular grease across the globe today making up more than 75% of lubricating greases across all industries worldwide.  It's multi-function properties, (high temperature and water resistance), make it suitable for a wide range of challenging lubrication jobs.




EXCELLENT ADHESION: Lithium grease demonstrates excellent adhesion to metal.  This means that once it is applied it stays there.  This feature has great benefits - cutting down on re-application and saving time.

NON-CORROSIVE: It is a non-corrosive grease meaning that it does not corrode the parts/ machinery that it is applied to.  It is a stable compound and does not chemically react with substances that it comes into contact with.

HEAVY LOAD BEARING:  It is suitable for use under heavy load conditions.  The physical properties of lithium grease mean that it does not break down under heavy loads and continues to do its job.  This makes it a great choice for challenging metal-to-metal heavy load applications.

HEAT RESISTANCE: Lithium grease demonstrates excellent heat resistance.  It is capable of withstanding very high temperatures and has a drip temperature of approximately 200° Celsius.  This is another favourable characteristic when it comes to the auto industry.  The recommended upper limit for the use of lithium grease as a lubricant is 120° Celsius.

WATER RESISTANCE: Lithium based greases demonstrate better water resistance compared to traditional sodium based greases.  The solubility of the grease is directly related to the solubility of the thickener used to manufacture it.  Lithium hydroxide and the thickeners typically used in its manufacture have very low water solubility.  This means lithium grease has excellent resistance to water washing and water absorption.



Lithium grease plays an important role in the automotive industry and is the go-to grease for a wide range of lubrication jobs.  Amongst its most common applications are:

  • Automotive Door Hinges & Locks
  • Latches & Seat Tracks
  • Bearings & Bearing Units
  • Gear Lubrication
  • Strike Plates
  • Battery Terminals
  • Distributor Cams
  • Windshield Wiper Mechanisms
  • Radio Antenna Aerials


The CV (constant velocity) joint connects the transmission to the wheels via the drive shaft.  The CV joints transfer the power generated by the transmission to the drive wheels, maintaining a constant speed, and account for the the up-and-down motion generated by the suspension.  Lithium grease is the go-to grease for lubrication of the CV joints

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