Sabine Schmitz - Tearing Up The Nürburgring

Sabine Schmitz - Complete Mastery Of The Nürburgring

Have you heard the old story about Sabine Schmitz overtaking 40 cars in just two laps of the Nürburgring? 

Well, it's true and the video never gets old.  Driving a a Frikadelli Racing Porsche 911 she gives her fellow race goers an absolute master class and even takes a moment to wave at some of them as she passes by. 

Hold on tight - the video below has all the onboard action!!

Nurburgring 'Race Taxi' - Terrifying Customers

Sabine is a German professional racing driver for BMW and Porsche.  She is well known for her TV work and also for driving the Nurburgring 'Race Taxi' around the infamous race track - terrifying paying customers.  She has featured on many tv car shows - the BBC's Top Gear show many times - as well as Extra Gear, The Fifth Gear and The Green Hell.

Born into the Nürburgring 

Sabine grew up in the family owned hotel in Nürburg within the Nürburgring Nordschleife.  Together with her two elder sisters they began racing at an early age - but Sabine was the only one to begin picking up medals.  She won in both the Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring and  the Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring (VLN) race events.



Motoring Success

Driving a BMW M3 she won the VLN endurance racing championship in 1998 and she also claimed first place at the 24 hour Nürburgring endurance events in 1996 and 1997.  In 2006 Schmitz and Klaus Abbelen began to compete in the Nürburgring VLN endurance racing series driving a Porsche 997 - they finished third in 2008.


The Car - Porsche Frikadelli 911

It was a car just like this one that Sabine raced in the video - a Porsche Frikadelli.  The Frikadelli is a sports car based on Porsche's 911 series.  It boasts a 500+ horse power engine, superbly balanced weight distribution and state of the art superior handling.  It delivers excellent racing characteristics particularly in fast corners - above and beyond the capabilities of previous GT3 racing cars. 

More info on the Frikadelli Porsche car and Sabine over here at the:
- Frikadelli Racing Website.

And more on Sabine here:
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This woman is a wonder talent behind the wheel. Why isn’t she driving in F1??



Definitely the queen of the Nurgurgring



I won’t be taking a lift with her anytime soon!

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