The New All-Electric London Taxi

the new electric london taxi van


The London Electric Vehicle Company have unveiled their latest addition to the prestigous London taxi fleet - the new all-electric van cab.  Yes, it's actually a van which unleashes a whole new wave of practicality to the London taxi cab customer base.  Nest time you want to send an armchair over to your long lost friend as a birthday present on the other side of the city, all you have to do is hail one of these new futuristic electric taxi vans. 



The taxi based van will be assigned the model number LEVC VN5.  VN represent sthe fact that it is a van, and 5 the spacious payload area of 5 cubic meters.  It will be a fully fledged 100% electric vehicle in a market that is largely dominated by plug in hybrids.  It also boasts a 1.3L range extender which kicks in once the 31kWh battery runs flat.  The battery runs for an estimated 58 miles with the extender delivering a claimed 300 miiles.  Take a look at the latest images of the electric LEVC Taxi Cab over on the DriveTribe site here.


The cab interior remains consistent with earlier models.  The steering wheel and the infotainment system are the same as currently being used in the volvo models.  Geely, the parent company, owns both volvo and LEVC.  The van has some serious muscle and boasts a 830kg payload and carry space of 5.5 cubic meters.  This means it can easily accommodate two Euro sized pallets.  No problem at all when it comes to sending an armchair, or three, acroos the city!


It has been designed with the London delivery trade in mind.  The out of town parcel depots dotted across the city typically involve a 75km round trip in and out of the city to make a delivery.  This new van is ideal for linking out of town depots and city addresses.  The LEVC VN5 can make twice as many journeys as its competitors between recharges.  It also has been designed to have the flexibility to operate emission free, (and free penalty), in the city’s restricted ULEZ environment.  A win-win for delivery companies.


The VN5 lasts twice as long as its competitors thanks in part to its ultra light aluminium body.  It is the same body type as has been used in the earlier TX taxi model.  It is corrosion resistant and perfroms well in crash test simulations wher eit has been shown to absorb twice the amount of crash energy as mild steel.  Full production of the new model is expected to begin in querter 4 of this year with production reaching a peak of 20,00 units per year.



As it is a London taci cab it has a reputation to live up to.  And it does.  This little gem can perform a u-turn in a turning circle of just 10.1 metres like its respected forefathers.  Perfect for when you're stuck in traffic and suddenly decide you want to go the other way.  Or, you've changed your mind about that arm chair and decide you want it back after all.


If you want to own one of these pieces of future London nostalgia it is gooing to set you back the considerable sum of £46,500 for the basic entry model.  The higher range 'Ultima' will leave a hole in your pocket to the tune of £52,000.  But then again, can you put a price on being reminded on London as you drive around with a can load of hot cross buns or carpenters tools.  It's all about the experience!

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