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Best Hubcap Wheel Trim Covers for under £20

These Simply Wheel Covers are the best hubcap wheel trims at an incredible price! It's amazing the difference hubcaps make when you're freshening up the look of your car or van.

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These 16" inch Vortex Wheel Trims, (pictured above), look great.  The are made with an attractive high-impact plastic that gives an eye-catching high-gloss finish.  This is our most popular wheel cover.  We stock wheel trims in a range of sizes covering 13" inch, 14" inch, 15" inch and 16" inch wheels.


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We stock wheel trims in a range of sizes covering the needs of the individual car owner or the professional garage and bodyshop.  Choose from our range of 13" inch, 14" inch, 15" inch and 16" inch frames.  We carry a number of different styles for you to choose from: Prime, Perceptor and the highly popular Vortex.  Whatever size/ type of wheel trim you are looking for, you will find it here.  And you will find it at the best price anywhere online in the UK. 


They are easy to install with a simple click-in-place mechanism.  Just position them carefully over the centre of the wheel and gently push into place.  The trim clips will hold firm during normal driving conditions.  Some people like to add a cable tie - just for that little bit of added security.


Manufactured from high impact, heat resistant plastic this range of trims deliver top quality at the right price - and will not leave a hole in your wallet.  They are built to last and will not deform.  The high gloss finish delivers a protective coat that will keep them looking like they have just been unboxed for months to come.  They're a great option when your looking for a cheap, quick and easy way to upgrade the looks of your car.

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