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Coloured Cable Ties | Packs of 100

Coloured Cable Ties

We stock a wide range of Strong & Reliable Coloured Cable Ties at Unbeatable Bargain prices.  Our coloured cable ties are available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown and Silver.  Make Grease Monkey Direct your number one choice for all your cable tie requirements.

Applications of Coloured Cable Ties:

Coloured cable ties are an excellent way of colour coding bundles of cables/ product bundles.  They are easily and quickly identified using the clearly distinguishable colour of the cable tie. 

Strong & Reliable:

They offer particular benefit when used for this practise in garages, workshops, warehousing and construction.  These cable ties are an excellent solution for bundling hoses, wires and cables - as they impart excellent bundle tightness, flexibility and tensile strength.

Coloured Cable Ties - Twelve Alternative Uses:

[1]  Child Proofing Your Home
Wether you have little ones of your own or are expecting a visit from some paeticularly boisterous little humans - you can make some excellent use of a bunch of cable ties.  The longer variety can easily be used to lock drawers and presses closed by feeding through two handles and closing.  This is a great way of locking down areas of the house you just don't want the little ones getting into.  You can even use coloured cable ties to  create that creche feel for your house.
[2]  Arrange Flowers in a Vase
Do you know when you sit a fresh bunch of flowers into a vase and just as you are about to feel all happy for yourself the flowers sag and hang flatly over the edges.  Before you know it instead of the cheery effect you were aiming for things are looking all tired and fed up.  Easy solution - a cable tie!  Feed a tie around the bunch of flowers and gently tighten to bring the bunch back together and perk back up.
[3]  Toilet Handles
How many times have you been sitting on the toilet and next thing you know you turn around to see someone has broken the toilet handle?  That's right, it's almost a weekly occurence for some.  Bingo - all you need is a cable tie.  Gently lift the lid of the water cistern, scratch your head and identify the flushing mechanism.  Then feed a cable tie through it - close it and feed it back out through where the handle should have been.  Genius!  If you want to be a bit artsy, you can loop several linked cable ties together and create a retro toilet chain effect.
[4]  Unblock a Drain
Cable ties can be used to unclog blocked drains.  It is certainly an alternative application of the multi-versatile cable tie but a great one none the less. Using a sharp blade slice angled jagged cuts into either side of the tie before approaching the drain.  Be careful not to cut your hands.  Then use the tensile strength and flexability of the tie to remove blockages by feeding it down the drain and using it to retrieve objects ccausing a blockage.
[5]  Tie-Lock a Bag or Suitcase
Using a cable tie you can add some added security to your rucksack or handbag by tieing two zippers together.  This will prevent the casual opportunist thief from reaching into your bag when you are not looking and making off with your valuables.  Happy days!
[6]  Attaching Items to your Rucksack
Cable ties are an excellent way of attaching and carrying additional items to your rucksack.  For example feed a cable tie through one of the many loops on your bag and feed the other side through your water flask or camping torch.  This is an excellent way of expanding the capacity of your bag cheaply and reliably.  
[7]  Gardening
The humble cable tie really comes into its own in the garden.  Of it's countless floral and landscaping abilities one of its best is for attaching flowers and plants atakes/ supports to help them stand up and blossom to their full potential.
[8]  Packing A Rucksack
When packing for a trip space is of the essence.  You want to maximise the size and space available insode your rucksack.  Zip ties are excellent aids to help keep rolled up t-shirts and socks from unravelling insode your case as you pack.  Re-useable ties are probbaly the best for this purpose as you can release them when you need your clothes and then reuse them when packing to return home.  It's a great way to save on space.
[9]  Emergency Shoe Laces
If you are out in the country side on a hike or casual stroll what would happen if you snapped a shoe lace?  It could be a disaster!  Not to worry.  Just pack some cable ties and you will have nothing to worry about.  If you lose a shoe lace on your travels you can use a cable tie by feeding it through your shoemlace holes and creating an improvised shoe lace.
[11]  Repair Broken Jewellery
If you have a broken chain or bracelet and just don't have a chance to get it repaired you can feed a cable tie through the links and tighten to make a quick fix.  Cable ties are strong and easy to fit making this a quick and easy fix.
[12]  Impromtu Hangers
Cable ties make excellent impromptu hangers.  They can be used if you run out of regular hangers, or if you're away from home in a dodgy hotel, or if you're out hiking and want to hang up your coat, cooking equipment or food supplies.  Simply make a nice sized loop and sling it over a branch.  Hey presto - you have just made a hamger for your stuff.