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SuperSeal Connector - 2 Way Female

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SuperSeal Connector - Two Way Female

  • Secure, Waterproof, Dustproof Connections
  • Maximum Water Proof Rating - IP67 Rated
  • Ideal for use in the Automotive Industry
  • Easy Assembley &  Disassembley - "Click into Place"
  • Suitable for Wires Sizes: 0.5 - 1.5mm²
  • Each pack comes with all terminals and seals needed for complete installation - Grommets & Terminals
  • Use with:  SuperSeal 2 Way Male
  • Crimp with: Superseal Crimping Tool
  • Free Delivery in the UK - see details below
  • Quantity: 1

superseal connector - female 2 way



    Secure Waterproof Electrical Connections:

    This superseal connector is an IP67 waterproof connector ideal for use in the automotive industry.  The connector is designed to prevent water and dust ingress into the electrical enclosure.  This connector is suitable for use in harsh environments where weather proof water tight connections are required.

    Quick Lock & Release Mechanism:

    This superseal connector is commonly used to install work lights/ LED lights on vehicle exteriors.  The quick and easy interlock mechanism between male and female units provides simple connection and de-connection when needed.  This allows for rapid and stress free installtion and replacment of lights saving time and effort.

    Maximum Protection - IP Rating

    IP67 is a standard used for waterproof connections.  IP - stands for Ingress Protection and is a system used to rate the level of protection against solids and liquids.  IP67 is the highest standard available for sealed and secure protection from solids and liquids.  The first number indicates the protection level against solid objects while the second number represents the level of protection against liquids.

    Dust & Water Protection:

    This superseal unit has been rated with a first number of "6" representing complete protection against dust and the second number "7" represents the maximum protection against liquids.  This rating indicates that the unit is protected from both dust and water - and is capable of withstanding water immersion at a depth of 15cm - 1 metre for at least 30 minutes.


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    This range of connectors is ideal for use in the automotive industry and professional garage/ workshop where electrical enclosure integrity is paramount.  The IP67 waterproofing rating makes them an excellent choice for use in harsh conditions where exposure to challenging environments is highly likely. 

    Easy Installation:

    The ease of installation involving a quick & easy "click in place" action between male and female units ensures simple and stress free connection and de-connection when required.  This feature allows for rapid installtion and replacement of lights when required - saving time and effort.  This feature makes them a very popular choice for jobs involving the installation of work lights and externally mounted lights on vehicles. 



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