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Hose Clips 50-70mm | Qty: 25

Grease Monkey

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Hose Clip 50-70mm

  • Jubilee Clip Equivalant: 3
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Brand: JCS
  • Quantity: Pack of 25
  • FREE DELIVERY in the UK, see details below...




Jubilee/ Hose Clips:

These hose tubes are made of made of high quality mild steel.  They are reusable, flexible and durable.  These hose Clips can be used for fixing flexible rubber hoses, metal tubes etc.  They are ideal for use in applications where rapid changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction of hose connections and assemblies.  The hose clip distributes pressure uniformly around the application zone.  These clips are durable and built to last.

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