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Battery Terminal - Stud Type 10mm | Qty 1

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Battery Terminals | Stud Type - Ford Cargo | 10mm

  • Heavy Pattern Tin-Plated Brass
  • Suitable for Stud Type Connections
  • Ford Cargo
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Economical and Practical
  • Available in Positive or Negative
  • Note: Please Choose Type Required when ordering

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Current Carrying Capacity & Corrosion Resistance:
This ford cargo stud-type battery terminal is designed to deliver optimal current carrying capacity and provide maximum corrosion resistance.  It is suitable for replacing corroded, worn out or damaged battery cable terminals. 

Corrosion is a major problem experienced with battery terminals.  Corroded terminals cause a number of problems most notably poor starting.  Minor corrosion can reduce alternator output by as much as 30%.  This loss of power stresses the charging system and causes early failures.

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Replacing Battery Terminals:
Terminal corrosion and the resulting increased resistance results in slower cranking, an overheated starter motor and ultimately premature starter failure.  This problem can be easily circumvented by replacing corroded terminals early.  Terminals are cheap and are easily replaced with just a set of wrenches and a hacksaw.


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