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Bi Metal Hacksaw Blades 32 TPI | Qty: 10

Grease Monkey

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Bi Metal Hack Saw Blades 32 TPI | Pack of 10

  • Teeth per Inch: 32
  • Material: Bi-Metal Construction
  • Long Lasting & Flexible
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • 12" Inch Blade
  • Suitable for Hacksaw Frame
  • Quantity: 10

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Hacksaw Blade - 32 Teeth Per Inch:

  • Ideal for Cutting Metals of at least 0.8mm
  • Narrow gap between the teeth
  • Perfect for Cutting Thinner metals


Advantages of a Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade?

Bi-metal hacksaws are the popular choice for tradesmen on the job because they are compatible with a wide variety of materials. They also have the added benefit of quicker cutting times, smoother finishes and offer reduced vibration during cutting.

These hacksaw blades have two different types of steel joined together to form the edge of the cutting side of the blade.  High speed steel is engineered to join a softer spring steel to form a durable edge that will cut through a wide range of materials and help provide long life.

High speed steel is employed on the outside edge of the blades due to its durability and wear resistance characteristics.  It forms the cutting edge of the blade teeth.  The spring steel creates a flexible backing material which allows the blade absorb impacts and vibrations while cutting is in progress.




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