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Bi-Metal Hole Saw 51mm

Grease Monkey

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Bi-Metal Hole Saw 51mm
  • High Speed Steel Cutting Edge
  • Heavy Duty Holesaw
  • Suitable for Wood, Plastics and Thin Metal
  • Robust Long-Life Saw
  • 4-6 tpi (variable - teeth per inch)
  • Variable Pitch Teeth Enable Fast, Smooth Cutting
  • Size 51mm

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Grease Monkey Direct 51mm bi-metal hole saws will easily cut through materials such as plastic and wood-based items and even harder materials such as thin metals.  Our saws are designed and constructed for a longer life expectancy and an increased number of holes cut.

What is a Hole Saw?
Hole saws are cylindrical shaped cups with a serrated edge used to cut holes in a variety of materials. Different size holes can be cut by selecting various sizes of hole saw.
The serrated edge is designed to cut the hole and the other end is driven by an arbor or drill chuck.  A wide range of hole saws exist in the marketplace but the most commonly used saw is the Bi-Metal hole saw.

What are the Advantages of a Bi-Metal Hole Saw??
Most workers choose to use a bi-metal hole saw for the majority of their jobs because it is compatible with a wide variety of materials. It also has the added benefits of cutting faster and smoother and with reduced vibration due to the variable pitched teeth.

Bi metal hole saws have two different types of steel joined together to form the edge of the cutting side of the saw. High speed steel is joined to a softer spring steel to form a durable edge that will cut through a wide range of materials and help provide long life.

High speed steel is used on the outer edge of the cup due to its wear resistance properties and forms the cutting edge of the teeth. Soft, spring steel creates a flexible backing material which allows the saw to absorb impacts and vibrations while drilling holes in difficult-to-cut materials.


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