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Micro Relay 4 Pin, 12v, 20A | w/ Resistor

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Micro Relay Circuit - 4 Pin, 12 Volt with Resistor Protection

  • 4 Pin Micro Relay
  • 12 Volt
  • 20 Amp
  • Normally Open Contact
  • Terminal sizes 2 x 4.8mm and 2 x 6.3mm
  • This Micro Relay Switch Comes without a Bracket
  • FREE DELIVERY UK available, see details below

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Micro Relay Switches

A relay switch is an electrically operated switch that is used in applications that require the control of a circuit by a low-power signal, where the control and controlled circuits must be electrically isolated from one another.  Relay circuit switches are found in most vehicles driving along our roads today.  They are most commonly used to enable a low amperage circuit switch On or Off a higher amperage circuit.  The most frequent example of this is probably the switching on of the vehicle's head lights. 

Circuit Safety

It is unadviseable to hook up directly the headlights to the headlight switch as this could exceed the amperage rating of the switch.  In such an event, the unwanted risk of causing an electrical fire or damaging cable wires may be encountered.

Micro Relay Switches - Multiple Switching

Relays can also be used to facilitate the switching of multiple components at the same time using a single output. A single output connected to multiple relays will allow you to open continuity and/or close continuity simultaneously - a very useful function.

Branded Cross Reference Guide

BMW 61 36 1 393 412 Border Holdings 6404 9178 Bosch 0 986 332 051 0 986 332 052 0 986 332 061 0 986 332 070 Britpart Ford 7320414 7320415 Hella 4RA 007 783 011 Land Rover YWB 10004 Lighten Point REL29M Mafco 425-6050 Rover Siemens 23073B1005A303 Tyco V23073-B1005-X012 V23073-B1005-X018 V23074-B1701-X020 V23074-B1701-X021 VDO Woodauto RLY1305



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