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Nylon Locking Nuts Imperial 5/16" UNF BZP | Qty: 50

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Nylon Locking Nuts 5/16" Inch UNF | Pack of 50

  • Size: 5/16" inch
  • UNF - Fine Thread
  • P-Type
  • Material: Steel
  • Bright Zinc Plated
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Quantity: Pack of 50

nylon lock nuts

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Hex Nylon Lock Nuts:

These imperial nylon locking nuts differ from standard hex nuts in that they have a nylon insert located within the nut. The nylon insert is positioned in a tapered section located at the back end of the nut.When you install a nylon lock nut onto a threaded stud or bolt, the nylon insert wraps tightly around the threads and locks the nut in place.

This gives a nylon lock nut a distinct advantage over a regular lock washer in terms of hold integrity - especially when the bolt or stud is subject to vibration.  The nylon lock nut is unaffected by vibration and provides a more secure hold.

How to use a Hex Lock Nut:

  1. Thread the lock nut onto the bolt and turn the nut clockwise until it no longer turns. This will be the point at which the nylon insert contacts the top thread of the fastener.
  2. Place the socket that matches the nylon lock nut onto the drive ratchet.
  3. Carefully slide the socket onto the nylon lock nut and turn the handle of the ratchet clockwise to turn the lock nut onto the fastener. You should feel some resistance from the lock nut as you turn it onto the fastener. This is due to the nylon insert mechanics and is completely normal.
  4. Continue to turn the ratchet handle until the lock nut seals tightly against the surface of the material.
  5. Inspect the insert to ensure that it is intact after installation.


UNC / UNF Thread Type:

UNC and UNF are the two main categories of unified thread standard. For a given nut size of nominal diameter, Unified Fine Pitch (UNF) and Unified Coarse Pitch (UNC) represent two different thread densities.  UNC is the most commonly used.  The choice of UNC versus UNF is influenced by the specific application of the job at hand and each type delivers different advantages.

UNC - coarse threads are more durable and have greater resistance to stripping and cross-threading. They are also less susceptible to being nicked or damaged and therefore they do not have to be "handled delicatley" compared to fine thread (UNF) nuts.  Coarse nuts install much more quickly and are not not affected by plating buildup to the same extent as fine UNF threads.

UNF - fine threaded bolts are stronger than UNC coarse threaded bolts of the same hardness.  This is due to the fine threaded bolts having a slightly larger tensile stress area.  Fine threads also have less tendency to loosen under vibration due to the fact that they have a smaller helix angle than coarse threads. 

UNF also has the advantage of allowing for finer adjustments in applications that require this characteristic.  They can also be more easily tapped into difficult to tap materials and thin walled sections and they require less tightening torque to achieve equivalent preloads to the corresponding UNC nuts/ bolts.


Bright Zinc Plated Protection:

These Nylon Lock nuts are BZP plated for maximum longevity.  They have been coated with a corrosion resistant bright zinc plated finish for protection.  They have a shiny silver/ golden appearance which is commonly referred to as clear or yellow zinc respectively.  This technology is crucial in helping to prevent galvanic corrosion by insulating steel nuts from aluminium surfaces. 

Galvanic corrosion, often referred to as Bimetallic Corrosion, is an electrochemical process whereby a metal corrodes quickly when it is placed in electrical contact with another metal in the presence of an electrolyte.  In the British climate BZP is essential for outdoor work.


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