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Power Steering Fluid | RED | 1 Litre

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Power Steering Fluid (PSF) | RED | 1 Litre
  • Granville Power Steering Fluid is a specially formulated ATF Dexron II product for power steering pumps and systems.
  • Designed for most power steering systems
  • Compatible with all Automatic Transmission Fuids (ATF)
  • Not compatible with Central Hydraulic Fluid (CHF)
  • Lubricates power steering pumps and protects against wear
  • Colour: Red
  • Quantity: 1 Litre
  • Keep sealed in a cool, dry place.
  • Manufacturer:  Granville (UK)

Granville Power Steering Fluid is a replacement for the power steering system. It has been developed specially to protect the system from problems in the pump like wear and tear, foaming and oxidation. The formula of the fluid has been made compatible with all automatic transmission fluids also.
Granville are a manufactures of high quality lubricants and automotive chemicals. Granville have a wide range of products and brands which enables them to utilise their knowledge and expertise to create innovate and quality products. With over 40 year knowledge within the market, this UK based manufacture develops and keeps up with the dynamic paced automotive industry.

POWER STEERING FLUID is a hydraulic fluid that transfers energy in your steering system allowing a vehicle to steer more easily.  A  hydraulic fluid is simply a fluid that transfers power.  Power steering fluid is the cheapest component of your power-steering system. Changing it can help prolong the life of other more expensive components such as the power-steering Pump and the highly expensive power-steering Rack.  Over time, the Seals, O-rings and internal power-steering components will wear out. As they deteriorate they break apart and contaminate the power-steering fluid, which in turn, forces the power-steering pump to work harder  and eventually fail. 


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