The Best Selling Cars Around The World

The Best Selling Cars From Japan To Brazil


What are the best selling cars around the world?

We already know the UK's Best Selling Car.  But what about the Brazilians, the Germans and the Chinese.  If this question has been keeping you awake at night - fear no more. 

We take a look at some of the most surprising best selling cars over the last year from the four corners of the globe.


JAPAN - Honda N-Box:

The Honda N-Box is Japan's best selling Kei car.  Kei cars account for a third of all cars sold in Japan.  They are the favoured car in cities due to their small shape, stature and engine size and benefit from tax and toll relief due to their city friendly nature.  Maybe not the coolest kid on the block - but a master of practicality.
Units Sold: 218,000
Price: £9,100


Brazil - Chevrolet Onix:


The Chevrolet Onix may be a rare sight on these shores - but it is definitely big in Brazil.  It is a super compact five door hatch back.  The car is manufactured in the Brazilian municipality of Gravataí, near Porto Alegre.  It's cheap to run and it's small size gives it an advantage in the traffic congested urban sprawls of Rio, Sao Paulo and beyond.
Units Sold: 189,000
Price: £9,700




CHINA - Wuling Hongguang:

In production since 2010 the Wuling Hongguang is a MPV - Multi Purpose Vehicle.  It is highly affordable for its vehicle type but is available only in China and cannot be purchased anywhere in the Western world.  It is a low cost, tax friendly people carrier - a combination that appeals deeply to the Chinese market.  The Chinese car industry is a real monster - it sold over 24 million units last year.
Units Sold: 534,000
Price: £9,100


Russia - Lada Granta:

Russia's top selling car is its home built Lada Granta.  Coupled with its incredible value and the fact that the government encourage people to buy Russian the Granta rules the roost as the country's number one.  Lada - often the punchline of a joke - has stood the test of time and is still going strong.  Not always pretty, but cheap.  Very cheap!
Units Sold: 95,000
Price: £3,756


India - Suzuki Swift:

They must be selling a lot of cars in India because the Suzuki Swift is sitting top of the charts with a colossal 392,000 units in the last year.  It is a clear sign of increased affluence in the country now that the Swift is outselling the more affordable Alto model.  In 2017 the Indian car market overtook the UK for the first time.
Units Sold: 392,000
Price: £5,350


Germany - Volkswagen Golf:

No surprises here.  The German modern day classic is the clear winner in Germany.  The ever popular VW Golf is the top selling car amongst the German motoring faithful.  Despite its recent troubles and controversy VW still stands strong.  However, the current model Golf is approaching the end of its lifecycle and the market know it - its year on year sales have dipped by over 20%.
Units Sold: 179,000
Price: £15,835


Italy - Fiat Panda:

The Fiat company is shifting an average of 200,000 Pandas a year worldwide for the last 30 years.  And the Italian's own love affair with Fiat is going strong.  The Panda sits proudly atop the Italian car sales chart.  Considering the current model of the Panda was launched back in 2003 Fiat are getting something very right with this ever popular compact.
Units Sold: 150,000
Price: £10,000


France - Renault Clio:

The French are a proud people.  And when it comes to cars, like many other things, they tend not to venture far from all things French.  Like Papa, Nicole and Croissants - the Renault Clio has been going strong for years.  The current model was introduced back in 2013.  If it ain't broke don't fix it, or as the French would say - nostalgie de la boue.
Units Sold: 149,000
Price: £12,325


Spain - SEAT Leon:

Spain's very own Seat Leon sits proudly at the top of the sales chart for the last 12 months.  Truth be told the VW Golf came in a close second, just being pipped to the post by the home grown favourite.  Car sales in Spain are growing steadily with 2017 showing a near 10% increase in sales year on year.  The Leon is a great car for its size category and is a popular choice thanks to its drive comfort and great economy.
Units Sold: 35,000
Price: £14,280


USA - Ford F-Series:

The Ford F Series has been the best selling vehicle in the US for the last 35 years.  That is just incredible - 35 years!  It has sold almost 900,000 units in the country over the last year.  It is available in a range of engine sizes and body styles and is clearly a firm favourite in the land of the free.  Considering the reasonable price tag this 'car' packs a bang for your buck.
Units Sold: 897,000
Price: £20,775


Australia - Toyota Hilux:

The bst selling car in Australia is the Toyota Hilux.  Well suited to a rough ride out the outback this vehicle is built for some tough service.  The ad campaign for this Toyota favourite actually uses the tagline - "unbreakable".  A comfortable car for long journeys and suitable for difficult terrain it is a popular choice with the Aussies for some years now.
Units Sold: 47,000
Price: £25,000




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