Best Selling Cars in the UK 2017

The Best Selling Cars in the UK 2017

The figures are in for the UKs best selling car for the year to date up to the end of September.  The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have been busy adding up their sums and we can now reveal the top ten most popular motors as chosen by the British public.

Ford Fiesta - Chart Topper:

The Ford Fiesta continues to forge ahead of the competition and dominate the UK sales chart.  It has sold 75,814 models so far this year - that's over 18,000 units more than the second placed Ford Focus.  However, for the fourth month in succession it has failed to outsell everything else on the market.  This September it lost out to the ever popular Nissan Qashqai.



- 2017 Ford Fiesta 

  • TOP 10 NEW CARS SOLD IN UK 2017 

  1. Ford Fiesta  75,814
  2. Ford Focas  57,526
  3. VW Golf  57,018
  4. Nissan Qashqai  53,197
  5. Vauxhall Corsa  46,600
  6. Vauxhall Astra  41,250
  7. VW Polo  40,455
  8. Mercedes Benz C-Class  39,055
  9. MINI  36,784
  10. Mercedes Benz A-Class 34,547


Shaken Consumer Confidence:

The SMMT have indicated that sales have taken a dip in September which are down 9.2% based on the same time last year.  The political and economic instability generated by Brexit appears to have weakened consumer confidence when it comes to demand for new car purchases.  The car industry has not been helped by the UK's recent announcement that they will ban all petrol and diesel car sales by 2040.  A move that may be great for the environment but that has affected peoples' confidence in the combustible engine.  Similarly the new Vehicle Excise Duty tax system hasn't helped.



Boost for the Environment:

However, the news is not all doom and gloom.  Sales of Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric cars, have soared by 41% since August and by an incredible 34.6% in the year to date.  Maybe those environmentally friendly government policies are having an impact already.

Ford Fiesta - Enduring Popularity:

With such a strong performance in 2016 Ford must have second guessed the need to launch the all-new Fiesta in the UK.  The previous model had pummeled the competition in the sales charts.  Despite its advancing years the little Ford Fiesta super mini continues to be the nation's favourite and hundreds of thousands of drivers have chosen to spend their hard-earned cash on a new "Festy".


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