Edd China QA in a Barber Shop

Edd China QA in a Barber Shop

Edd China, the nation's favourite mechanic, sits down to answer a few questions about himself and what he's been up to.  He tells us all about his favourite tools, cars and gadgets.  Brought to us by our friends over at DriveTribe, check out this video where he casually sits down in a barber shop and shoots the breeze about his passion for cars.


What's your favourite tool in your toolbox?

"If I have to choose tools from just the toolbox it would have to be my welding mask that is solar powered.  When you strike up an arc it instantly goes black.  If I could go a bit bigger than that I'd go with a vapor blaster!"

What cars do you currently own?

"I currently own a couple of Range Rovers, neither of which work very well.  I've also got a 1916 Cadillac and a 1918 Cadillac which is very very cool.  They also don't work very well.  And a Sofa Car!"

Which car brands do you like/ not like working on?

"I'm going to get in trouble with this question.  I obviously like working on Volkswagens.  I grew up with them and I love the fact that they are very interchangeable.  Cars I don't like, well the Morris Minor I suppose, (fair enough).  I never really saw the point.  Especially the woody.  You've got wood holding things together which is just going to rot and fall away."


Has a car restoration ever fully defeated you?

"No.  In fact not even slightly defeated me. I love solving problems and it doesn't matter how difficult or diverse those problems are.  On the show we've never had anything that got away."

What's the best first classic car for a petrolhead?

"Probably still one of the older ones.  The more modern ones are difficult to play with.  I think a volkswagen of any kind would probably be quite groovey.  Water cooled or air cooled.  Or even something like a Mini or even a little Escort."

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Dylan J.

Dylan J.

Welcome back Eddy boy

gabriel o'connell

gabriel o'connell

why has any car show have the get up and go to tackle and do up a triumph tr7 v8

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