advantages of flat blade wipers
  • What's the difference between Flat Blades and Standard Wiper Blades?

Everywhere you turn these days you will see cars sporting the new flat blade wiper.  The old standard conventional wiper is getting slowly pushed out of the market.  They look pretty impressive and are sometimes referred to as aerodynamic wiper blades.  They are the go to wiper for installs on new cars as they offer a number of key advantages and this will soon see them overtake the standard 'coat hanger' model in the near future.  It is worth noting that if your car is currently fitted with standard style wipers you can still go ahead and switch them out with a flat wiper blade at any time.

Advantages of Flat Wiper Blades

  • Uniform Pressure Across the Whole Blade
  • Superior Windscreen Contact resulting in Cleaner Windscreens
  • Reduction in Windscreen Wiper 'Noise'
  • Better Aerodynamics

  • Uniform Pressure Across the Whole Blade

  • Conventional wiper blades traditionally have four pressure points along the length of the blade.  This means that optimal screen contact is made at these four points, and sub-optimal contact happens at all other points.  Modern flat blades spread the pressure evenly across the whole length of the blade.  This results in a uniform contact being made between all of the blade and the windscreen.

  • Superior Contact - Cleaner Windows & Less Noise

  • The superior contact created by the flat blade ensures a cleaner window.  This results from the dispersion of pressure points.  Standard blades can miss points during the wiping action due to the low number of pressure points, (typically four). 
    Also, as the pressure is evenly dispersed across the surface they generate less noise compared to conventional blades and the driver benefits from a quieter environment.  Commentators have described their operation as 'noiseless'.

  • Improved Aerodynamics

  • The design of the flat blade offers increased aerodynamics compared to the standard blade.  They have been made with a specially fitted spoiler.  This results in less drag as the vehicle is pushed through the air and generates fuel savings.  They are also smaller and lighter.  The modest weight advantage means the vehicle is not pushing as heavy a load.  The aerodynamic advantages really come into play when driving at speed or in bad weather.  It's all money in the bank.


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They look much cooler too.
That’s the only reason I get them.

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