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Cleaning your alloy wheels is an incredibly easy job.  All you need is a specialist alloy wheel cleaning solution and a pair of rubber gloves. It's a cheap and quick task and will have your alloys looking brand new in no time!  Here's how to clean alloy wheels.

How Do They Get So Dirty?

A set of clean alloy wheels really make a car stand out from the crowd.  However, over time they can begin to look grubby as they pick up dirt along the way.  Not only do alloys fall victim to tar, mud and grime from the road, they also collect brake dust.  

Brake dust is a particularly nasty type of dirt and can be a real challenge to shift.  It comes from the everyday application of the brakes during driving.  Particulate dirt shaves off the brakes at ultra-high temperature and bakes itself onto anything it lands on - such as your once shiny alloy wheels.

How To Prepare The Wheels

We'll take you through the steps to properly clean your alloys and have them looking good as new.  Good news - it's a simple process AND it is very inexpensive.  You can have your alloys looking brand new again in no time!

The best way to start the job is to begin cleaning them the way you are cleaning the rest of your car.  The chances are if you're cleaning your alloys you are also cleaning the rest of the outside of the car.  So just include the wheels as you go along.  This will remove any loose dirt and mud that has built up on the wheels and give you a good starting point for the specialist alloy clean.

Cleaning Alloy Wheels - Step by Step

1: Start With Some Regular Cleaning

Here's the best way to clean alloy wheels UK.  Start by giving the wheels a regular clean as you would the rest of the car.  A pressure washer or power hose will shift any loose dirt and grime that has accumulated on your alloys.

2: Whip Out The Specialist Alloy Wheel Cleaner

It's time to turn to a heavy-duty, specialist alloy wheel cleaner.  This stuff has been designed specifically to clean alloy wheels.  It will remove the baked-on brake dust and any other difficult to shift grime.  And it won't damage your alloys.


3: Apply And Watch It Work Its Magic

Follow the instructions on the product you are using.  Most alloy wheel cleaners involve spraying on the cleaning foam from top to bottom and then allowing a period of time to let it get to work.  We advise wearing gloves at this point to protect your hands.

4: Remove The Cleaner & Prepare To Be Dazzled

When the cleaning time has passed, sponge or rinse off the cleaning solution as per instructions.  And watch out - you are about to be dazzled!  Your once grimey and dull-looking alloy wheels are going to look as good as new.  They'll look like you just rolled out of the showroom.

5: Icing On The Cake

If you really want to go that extra mile, you can apply some wheel protector or wheel wax once you have finished the cleaning job.  This will help protect the wheel and seal in all that 'hard' work you've just done.  The longer you leave the wheel protector on before buffing off the better.  We recommend about 60-90 minutes.




So, that’s how you tackle alloy wheel cleaning and how to remove brake dust from alloy wheels. Prepare for the job by grabbing some alloy wheel cleaner best and alloy wheel wax. Looking for how to clean alloy wheels with household products?

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