The New Self Driving Tesla Electric Truck

Tesla To Unveil New Electric Truck

  • New Electric Semi Truck Grand Unveil

  • It Will Come Fully Equipped with Self-Driving Capability

  • Questions Remain Regarding Range & Payload


New Electric Tesla Truck:

The big launch of the world's very first electric lorry by Tesla is just around the corner and is anticipated to happen in late October.  The ground breaking vehicle also boasts the impressive capability of being able to drive itself.  It is a remarkable step forward in the rapidly advancing field of electric vehicles.

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Grand Unveiling - October 2017:

Tesla hopes to take a big step forward into the commercial market.  CEO Elon Musk announced that the new Tesla "semi truck" has been "tentatively scheduled" for unveiling and its first test rides for the 26th of October in the company's hometown of Hawthorne - California.  He later added on twitter: "It's worth seeing this beast in person. It’s unreal."


1,000 Mile Range?

This heavy duty battery powered vehicle has proven to be of interest to the commercial trucking sector.  It is envisaged that the Tesla will be capable of travelling up to 1,000 miles on a single full battery charge.  However concerns persist that battery power will not be able to match diesel power without reducing the vehicles payload due to the fact that the battery units are heavier than diesel and take up a greater volume. 

Counter Claims:

Also, reports have surfaced making counter claims regarding the vehicles range and state that it is only capable of a working range of 200 - 300 miles.  This would rule out long distance inter-city haulage and make it suitable only for inner city transport.  However, the general consensus appears to be that the prototype will be capable of travelling up to the low end of what the haulage industry consider to be “long-haul” trucking.

Better Safety & Efficiency:

Tesla announced it's plans to deliver an electric truck back in 2016. It has been their aim to combine the technologies of electric power with autonomous self driving - which could in the long term remove the need for drivers.  They hope that in the short term it will increase safety and efficiency.

Road Trains:

Tesla plan to develop so called 'road trains' that involve the movement of platoons of lorries lead by a lead vehicle which will be driven by a human driver.  It is believed that aero-dynamics will be improved by the computer controlled vehicles driving much closer together.  The lead vehicle will do the hard work of breaking the air in front while the road train of vehicles behind it can then benefit from reduced drag.  The reduced work load required by the road train of electric vehicles will directly lead to a reduction in emissions and costs.

Department of Transport Approves Trials:

Approval has been granted by the department of transport for self driving platoons to be trialed on the English motorway network.  It was recently announced that petrol and diesel combustible engines would be banned in the UK from 2040 in line with environmental policy.  This move has forced the hand of the automotive industry to intensify their efforts in developing electric vehicles.  Tesla are also seeking permission to perform tests in the US in the states of California and Nevada.

Tesla Share Price:

Tesla share price has rocketed about 65 per cent so far this year based on the news.  But not all are convinced.  Many do not believe that Musk can reposition the company from a niche technological producer to a large scale commercial automotive manufacturer.  And this has been reflected in the markets where approximately 22 per cent of shares have been “shorted” by investors who fear the stock value will fall.

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