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Butt Connectors

Electrical Butt Terminals - Electrical Butt Connectors - Best Prices Online

We have the best prices online on all auto electrical supplies.  Shop our collection of insulated electrical butt terminals, (electrical butt connectors), and benefit from the best savings available online.  We provide rapid dispatch and FREE DELIVERY to all our UK based customers.  Place an order today and sit back and relax as you enjoy hassle free delivery direct to your door step.

Electrical Spade Terminals - Massive Range

Shop our range of bargain butt electrical connectors.  We stock Red, Blue and Yellow butt terminals in all the sizes you will need to keep your auto electrical garage fully stocked.  We have - 3.3mm Red Butt Terminals, 4.0mm Blue Butt Terminals & 5.5mm Yellow Butt Terminals.

Safe, Secure, Quality Spade Electrical Connectors

All our butt terminals are constructed from a copper body and are tin plated.  They are isulated in a vinyl sheath.  They conform to the British Manufacturing standards BS4579 & BS4G178 and are CE marked so you can rest assured that they are of top quality.  They come complete with an anti vibration copper insert.  Anti-Vibration Copper Inserts are fitted to all Butts, Spades, Piggybacks, Tabs, Bullets and Receptacles.