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Push Fit T Pieces

Push Fit T Pieces | Best Prices Online

Shop today and take advantage of the Best Priced Push Fit T-Piece Connectors online in the UK.  We stock T Piece Push Fittings in the following five sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm - as well as in an Assorted Box Collection.


All our Push Fit fittings are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to meet the demanding environment of the automotive industry.  Our Push Fit connectors are made from durable Nylon and are built to last.

Technical Details - Push Fit Properties

Sizes 4 - 8mm = 16 bar @ 23°C, 10 bar @ 70°C
Sizes 10 - 15mm = 10 bar @ 23°C, 7 bar @ 70°C
Push Fit Connectors are not recommended for use in Vehicle Brake Lines

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What is a Push Fitting?

Push Fit Connector fittings are a type of instant fitting that can be easily installed and removed.  They are used as compression fittings or quick connect fittings that allow an air (sometimes water) line to be attached.  They facilitate easy installation and manipulation without needing the use of tools - that is - they can be worked on with bare hands.  Tools will be required for cutting / remving tubing.

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