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Socket Sets

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Socket Sets:

We supply quality socket sets and socket tools at the best prices available online.  Grease Monkey Direct is your one stop shop for all your socket sets and garage accessory requirements.  We buy and stock in bulk so that you can take advantage of our guaranteed low trade prices.  Shop today!

Wide Range - Socket Sets:

Our socket tool range includes:  Impact Socket Sets, Metric Socket Sets with 1/2 Inch Drives, 3/4 Inch Drives, 1/4 Inch Drives and 3/8 Inch Drives - covering the metric ranges from 4mm to 50mm.  We also stock value Metric Deep Socket Sets with 1/2 Inch and 3/8 Inch Drives. 

Best Price Socket Sets:

Choose from our incredibly priced Socket Rails, Extendable Reversible Ratchets and Slim Reversible Ratchets.  We also offer 50 different sized Square Drive Sockets - every size you could need.  Whatever your garage socket needs - Grease Monkey Direct has you covered. 

Over 5,000+ Products In Stock:

Our site offers over 5,000+ products to meet all your needs when it comes to workshop supplies and garage comsumables.  We can offer next day delivery in the UK - and FREE Delivery on orders over £50.00.

Ratchet Mechanism:

Socket wrenches are tools that are used to turn nuts and bolts with greater ease and less effort compared to using a standard wrench.  The ratcheting mechanism allows the wrench to remain connected to the bolt bolt during tightening or fastening and removes the need to reposition the wrench after each turn.  This feature is particularly important when working in tight spaces and trying to access hard to reach bolts.  The ratchet works by employing a gear mechanism that holds when it is being moved in one direction, but releases when turned in the other.

Socket Wrench Sizes:

Socket wrench sets are available in both Imperial and Metric sizes. Our sockets come with a standardised handle that will fit both.  The most common ratchet size has a square shaft measuring 1/2" an inch. We also stock the full range of sizes including 1/4" and 3/4" inch sizes to meet all your garage requirements.

How To Use A Socket Wrench:

[1] Select the correct Socket for the job at hand
Socket sets contain multiple sockets - often a dozen or more.  It is important that you choose the correct socket for the job you are about to take on.  Determine the size of the nut or bolt that requires turning and match this size against the size measurements that are labelled on the side of the sockets.

If you do not know the size of the bolt try fitting a socket onto it.  If it is too big or too small try fitting the next appropriate size up/ down until you find a correct match.  Do not try turning a loose fitting socket on a bolt head as you can damage the bolt and make it impossible to turn.

[2] Attach the Socket to the Wrench Handle
Attach the socket to the handle by securing the square hole in the socket onto the square shaft of the handle.  If the unit has fitted correctly you will feel a reassuring click.

[3] Choose Appropriate Direction - Loosen/ Tighten
Locate the direction switch on the socket directly opposite where it has been attached.  This switch determines the sockets direction of action.  It can be set for loosening or tightening.  Select the appropriate direction by sliding the switch to the left for loosening or to the right for tightening.

 [4] Attach Socket to Nut/ Bolt - Begin Action
Carefully fit the socket onto the nut to be turned and begin turning.  Unlike a standard wrench you will not need to remove and reposition the socket after each turn - the socket wrench mechanism removes the need for this.  Just turn the socket back in the opposite direction and turn again.  Repeat this action until you have loosened/ tightened the nut as required.