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Guide to Using Electrical Connectors:

[1]  Ensure the Wire is Not Live
Check that there is no electrical current running through it before proceeding.  Safety first, always.

[2]  Determine the Correct Wire Gauge
Hold the wire in one hand and a wire stripping / crimping tool in the other.  Starting with the largest hole check the size of the wire.  Move progressively towards the lowest hole until the correct gauge size is determined.  Place the wire inside the selected hole and close the gap.  You are looking for a hole size that fits tightly around the outside of the wire so that you struggle to move the wire yet does not cut into the insulation.

[3] Cut the Wire Insulation
Now that the outside size of the wire has been determined move in about 3/8 inch from the wire end.  Place the stripping tool onto the wire using one size smaller than previously determined.  Close the jaws and squeeze the handles so that the insulation is cut into.  Record the number used at this point on the stripping tool for later reference.

[4]  Rotate the Stripping Tool and Remove the Cut Insulation
Rotate the tool about the wire to ensure that it has cut all the way around the insulation.  Slide it towards the outside of the wire to remove the plastic casing.  The wire may present some resistance to this movement so it may take some effort.  Wrapping the wire around your holding hand provides better grip to assist this process.

[5]  Twist Wire Strands Together
At this point the internal multiple wire strands that are now exposed should be tidied together by twisting so that they will fit neatly into the electrical connector terminal.

[6]  Determine Correct Connector Size
We previously determined the correct wire size and recorded it.  It is now time to select an appropriate electrical connector based on this wire size. 

[7]  Insert stripped Wire end into Electrical Terminal
Insert the newly stripped wire end halfway into the electrical connector.  At this point it is easily determined if the exposed wire segment is too long for the connector terminal about to be used.  If the exposed area is too long cut a little off the end using the crimping / stripping tool.

[8] Crimp using appropriate Crimp Tool
Using an appropriate wire crimping tool match the colour of the electrical connector with the colour coded size gauges in the crimping tool.  This colour coded system provides a fast and easy way to determine the correct indentation to be used.  Securely hold the wire in the appropriate crimp position and squeeze firmly on the crimper handles.  To effect a secure crimp a considerable amount of force may be required.

[9] Repeat Process
Repeat for Wire on Other Side if using a joining Electrical Connector, eg: Butt Connector or other small electrical connectors.
Repeat the above steps 3 to 7 for the wire to be connected on the other side if required.

[10]  Check Connection Integrity
To check connection integrity gently pull the wire away from the electrical connector to ensure the connection is not loose and has been successfully crimped.  Be careful not to tug suddenly as you may damage the connections. 
If the connection is loose, remove the wire, dispose of the used connector and repeat the process using a new electrical connector.  Most of these electrical connectors can only be used once.

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Electrical Terminal Connectors
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