We stock a range of high quality Heat Shrink with excellent Flexibility and Insulation properties as well as excellent Flame Retardant ratings.  The entire range is offered at the most competitive budget prices anywhere in the UK.  Our Heat Shrink is constructed from Polyolefin and is Low Smoke generating, Abrasion Resistant and produces no Dioxin.  Low prices Guaranteed, Fast & FREE Delivery in the UK*


  • Heat Shrink Tubing - Sold in Full Rolls, or by the Metre
    Heat Shrink Ratio: 2:1, Diameter: 38.1mm, Excellent Flexibility and Retardant Properties, Colour: Black as standard, Quantity: 30 Metres, UL Approved:  UL 224 VW-1, Material: Polyolefin, Operating Range: -55 to +125 Degrees Celsius, Flammability: VW-1, UL, RoHS, Halogen Free

  • Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink - Sold in both Full Roll quantities and by the meter.  We have a full range of adhesive lined heat shrink products to suit all jobs, including the most popular sizes: 9mm Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Full Roll, 12.7mm Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Full Roll, 3:1 Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink 19.1mm, 3mm 3:1 Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink, 39mm Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Full Roll and much more.

  • Heat Shrink Mini Reels - Wide range of heatshrink mini reels available in a range of colours; black, blue, red, yellow, clear & white.  Sizes available: 1.2mm to 25.4mm, small to the not-so-small.

  • Assorted Collections of Heat Shrink
  • Heat Shrink Butt Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Spade Terminals
  • Heat Shrink Hand Tools


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