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Latex Gloves Powder-Free Extra Large | Box of 100

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Latex Gloves Powder Free Extra Large | Box of 100

Latex Gloves:

This box of 100 latex gloves have been manufactured from natural materials and are made from rubber made latex.  They are one of the most popular choices of protective hand gloves used in the industrial and medical fields.  Latex gloves deliver a slight advantage over their nitrile alternative in terms of flexibility and comfort. 

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Latex versus Nitrile:

This characteristic means they benefit the wearer with a small improvement in manual dexterity.  The main reason some people choose nitrile as an alternative protective glove to latex would be because they suffer a skin irritation on exposure to latex.

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Advantages of Latex Gloves:

  1. Excellent Comfortable Fit
  2. High level of Touch Sensitivity
  3. Can be worn for Extended Periods due to their Natural Materials
  4. Offer good protection from Infectious Agents
  5. Excellent Value
  6. Can be lightly powdered to assist fitting on
  7. Offer grreat qualities of elasticity and strength
  8. Environmentally Friendly - they are biodegradable

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