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Work Gloves - Grease Monkey Direct:

We stock and sell all the gloves you need for your workshop or garage.  Our extensive range ofwork gloves are sold at the best prices available online - we won't be beaten on value.
We stock and ship the following types of gloves: Black Nitrile, Blue Nitrile, Latex & Latex Powder-Free, Vinyl, Non-Slip, Rigger, PU Dipped, Fingerless and Welding Gauntlets.  We offer rapid dispatch and FREE DELIVERY in the UK on orders over £50.  All our gloves are made of high quality materials and built to last.

Work Gloves For the Automotive Industry:

The automotive garage is a heavy duty working environment that requires the use of the toughest gloves to get the job done safely.  Auto mechanics and workshop workers frequently work with industrial based chemicals, sharp edged parts.  They need to be able to perfrom their tasks with optimum manual dexterity while still gaining the safety benefits offered by wearing the correct glove.  You need a glove that offers:
[1] Maximum Dexterity
[2] Digital Sensitivity
[3] Puncture Resistance
[4] Protection from Harmful Chemicals

Black / Blue Nitrile Gloves:

One of our Best Sellers - our black nitrile gloves are premium quality, industrial-grade gloves that are idel for use in the professional workshop or garage.  They have improved puncture resistance and offer greater durability compared to their latex equivalant. They are manufactured from synthetic rubber.  Due to their excellent durability they are suitable for use in multiple industries.
Nitrile is a long lasting tough material which offers advantages in terms of life cycle.  In everyday use this means less glove changes during the working day.
They are 100% latex free and are suitable for use by people who have a skin sensitivity to latex materials.  They offer robust resistence to solvents and chemicals.  These gloves demonstrate strong resistance to many chemicals - for example iodine and butane - making them a great choice for use in the auto garage.  The gloves even retain their physical properties after being soaked in gasoline.  They are possibly the number one choice for the auto mechanic.

Advantages of Nitrile:

Skin Sensitivity (non-latex) some people cannot wear latex, Superior Puncture Resistance, Offer excellent sensitivity to the wearer, Mold about the hand to give a great fit, Can be worn for an extended period of time, Offer high protection against infectious agents, they are chemical resistant, excellent shelf life when not in use, can be purchased in blue or black.

Latex Gloves:

Latex gloves are constructed from natural materials and are made from rubber.  They are one of the most popular choices of protective hand gloves for both industrial and medical use.  Latex gloves hold a slight advantage over their nitrile alternative in terms of flexibility and comfort.  The main reason some people choose an alternative protective glove to latex would be because they suffer a skin irritation on exposure to latex.

Advantages of Latex Gloves:

Excellent Comfortable Fit, High level of Touch Sensitivity, Can be worn for Extended Periods due to their Natural Materials, Offer good protection from Infectious Agents, Excellent Value, Can be lightly powdered to assist fitting on, Offer grreat qualities of elasticity and strength, Environmentally Friendly - they are biodegradable.

Vinyl Gloves:

Vinyl goves are latex free.  Like Nitrile gloves they can be worn by people who are sensitive to latex.  They have a looser fit which some people find more comfortable.  They are cheaper than nitrile & latex which make them an excellent choice for short low risk jobs.  Vinyl gloves have an inherent anti-static characteristic due to their chemical properties.  They are lightly powdered to assist in fitting them on.   Allergic reactions to vinyl work safety gloves are almost non-existent making vinyl a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

Vinyl Work Glove Applications:

These single-use light-duty vinyl gloves are suitable for applications that require only basic protection from chemicals and solvents.  In this scenario they are the most cost effective solution due to their incredible value.
Our range of vinyl gloves have added length to cover the wrist to ensure fluid cannot easily enter at the point of the cuff.  They are latex and DEHP free making them a good choice in terms of allergy sensitivity.  They are sold in boxes of 100 at unbeatable low prices.  Shop Today!

Guide to Choosing the Correct Glove:

[1] Identify the hazards you will be working with
You should assess the job you are about to do and carefully think about the type of exposure and nature of the hazards your hands are about to face.  Chemical hazards as well as physical hazards such as heat, punctures, cuts and tears should all be determined.  Some gloves offer better resistance to particular chemicals than others.  Read the chemical safety data sheets of the products you are working with to make an informed decision.

  • Important Factors:
  • Chemical type and properties
  • Extremes of Temperature
  • Physical hazards
  • pH
  • Toxicity

[2] Determine if you will have brief or extended contact with chemicals
Brief contact includes the following examples:
Cleaning up spills or splashes
Accidental overspray from a dispensing unit
Brief handling of infectious agents that require barrier protection
To ensure materials do not get contaminated during handling

Extended contact includes the following examples:
Handling of agents that are highly contaminated
Submerging of hands in a chemical material or some other type of hazardous substance
Protection is required from temperature extremes - where momentary exposure wil cause injury
Protection from sharp or piercing materials where hands can be easily injured.

[3] For Brief / Incidental contact - surgical type gloves are appropriate
Nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves are all recommended in this scenario.  See the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options explained in detail above.

Disposable Work Glove Tips:

  • Always perform a visual check of gloves before use for rips or punctures
  • Disposable gloves should always be removed and binned immediately after use.  
  • Replace gloves after a chemical spill / splashes occurs
  • Disposable work gloves should never be washed and reused
  • Remeber to remove gloves that have been worn while working with chemicals before touching objects such as your phone, door handles or other everyday objects.

[4] For Extended contact
More substantial gloves are required for extended use.  Disposable gloves are not suitable in this instance.  Most gloves intended for extended use are reusable.  See our selection of Rigger, PU Dipped, Fingerless and Welding Gauntlets which are intended for extended use tasks.

[5] Dispose of used and damaged gloves
Used and damaged gloves should be appropriately disposed of and not re-used at any time.

Advantages of Fingerless Gloves:

With the latest advances in the technology of both natural and synthetic materials in the manufacturing of work gloves, fingerless work gloves are sometimes used less now than in the past. However, fingerless gloves do provide important advantages compared to conventional gloves.

With your fingers totally exposed you have the manual dexterity required to perform many tasks that are more difficult while wearing a full hand glove.  The movement of your fingers is not restricted by being covered by tight or loose fitted gloves.
Open top fingers on the gloves ensure you can feel exactly what you are doing and your sense of touch is not hindered by glove material.  This has many key advantages when performing delicate jobs on an automobile.
When worn for extended periods full safety work gloves can quickly make your hands feel very uncomfortable and sweaty.  With exposed fingers, your hands are cooler, aerated and can be easily wiped dry even if they build up sweat.
Lighter Weight
With your hand covered by less material, fingerless work gloves often weigh less giving you less hand fatigue than with other heavier work gloves allowing you to work for longer extended periods and increase productivity.

Rigger Gloves:

Rigger gloves are reinforced gloves, that offer durable padded protection in particular to the palm of the hand and across the back of the knuckles.  They are a one size fits all glove designed specifically for rigging and cable assembly but they are suitable for a wide range of heavy duty task.
Due to their robust nature and all round general protection they are an excellent choice for personel involved in in general warehouse work, packing work, transport related jobs and many light duty handling applications. They are also frequently employed in the construction industry, home diy and even in gardening.
These classic canadian style gloves offer excellent protection when handling many varied objects and come fitted with reinforced palms and cloth backs. Rigger gloves fit all sized hands and are sold as a pack of five pairs.

Advantages of Rigger Gloves:
  • Versatility - rigger gloves are incredibly versatile and can be used in countless work environments.
  • Handling Heavy Objects - due to their reinforced padded design these gloves are a great choice when handling heavy loads.
  • Skin & Hand Protection - One of the main advantages of rigger gloves is that they are incredibly versatile. Alongside being great for rigging and cable pulling, these are frequently used for home construction and warehouse work because of the protection they give and their hardwearing nature.  They prevent heavy objects or edges pressing into your hands.
Polyurethane Dipped Gloves:

PU dipped gloves offer a soft and comfortable option to the wearer while still delivering great puncture and abrasion resistance.  Polyurethane (PU) coated gloves offer top cut-resistant properties when it comes to protecting hands.  They also offer excellent excellent grip without significant loss to touch sensitivity.

Advantages of PU Dipped Gloves:
  • Flexibility - PU is an extremely flexible material.  This gives the glove arguably the best touch sensitivity of any of the non-disposible work gloves.  This imparts the hidden benefit of workforce compliance.  A worker is more likely to wear a glove if it does not negatively impact them in terms of flexibility, dexterity and sensitivity.
  • Puncture & Abrasion Resistance - The protective layer on these gloves offers durable and reliable protection against puncture and abrasion injuries in light duty activities.
  • Cost Effective - These general purpose PU coated gloves are very cost effective.  They are sold as packs of five and are always available at bargain prices on Grease Monkey Direct.
  • Excellent Grip - The PU polyurethane protective coating provides excellent grip to the wearer - which in turn delivers obvious safety advantages.  
  • Low Particulate Shed - PU coating has a very low particulate shed action.  This is an important factor to consider where potential contamination is a concern.