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M10 Set Screw Bolts | BZP

Grease Monkey

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M10 Set Screw Bolts | BZP

  • Bright Zinc Plated M10 Set Screws
  • Grade 8.8
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Hex Head
  • Fully Threaded Screws
  • Bolt Size: M8

metric set screw bolt

  • Eight Sizes Available (Length)
  • Please choose bolt size required when ordering:


      • M10 x 25 BZP (Pack of 100)
      • M10 x 30 BZP (Pack of 100)
      • M10 x 35 BZP (Pack of 100)
      • M10 x 40 BZP (Pack of 100)
      • M10 x 50 BZP (Pack of 100)
      • M10 x 60 BZP (pack of 50)
      • M10 x 75 BZP (Pack of 50)
      • M10 x 80 BZP (Pack of 50)

      Fast & Free Delivery Available in the UK

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      All Grease Monkey Direct Set Screws are BZP Zinc Plated.  Uses include the fixing of components where a rust free screw is recommended.  Bright Zinc Plating is a process of galvanizing where a protective coat of zinc is applied to the bolt to prevent rusting.  It forms a coating of zinc which, when intact, prevents corrosive substances from reaching the underlying metal. 

      The zinc serves as a sacrificial anode so that even if the coating is scratched, the exposed steel will still be protected by the remaining zinc.
      These are high-quality bolts and have a high tensile strength for increased durability.  For pack quantities please see the product description above.

      These zinc plated 8.8 grade set screws are fully threaded fasteners and the bright zinc-plating delivers a high quality and attractive finish.  They can be used with nuts or in a tapped hole and are ideal for use in the automotive industry. 

      Note, these set screws require the use of a spanner.  Please see the diagram above for details on spanner sizes required.

      * images are for illustration purposes only


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      Minimum Order £25
      FREE on orders over £50
      £4.50 on orders below that amount

      European Delivery

      Minimum Order £100
      FREE on orders over £200
      Or £15 charge on orders under £200

      Rest of World 
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