DIY Household Tips - 15 Tips to help you on your everyday DIY Projects


1. Stop Screws Coming Loose - add a drop or two of clear nail polish into the hole before you finish tightening the screw. The dried polish will hold the screw tight in place.

2. Squeaky Door -  You can fix it by sprinkling talcum powder on the hinges. This can also be used to fix creaky floorboards.

3. Dripping Tap -  Tie some dental floss around the tap and allow the other end to hang down the drain. This will quieten the drip until you get time to fix it.  The drip will travel along the thread instead of dripping into the sink.


4. Scratches on a Wooden Floor/ Furniture -  Make a thick paste of instant coffee with a little water. Rub the mixture into the scratches and nicks. You may need to apply multiple layers before the scratch is covered. Allow it to dry and then apply a layer of furniture polish.  You could alternatively use shoe polish.  It's an excellent substitute and comes in a variety of colours.

5. Dents in Wood - To remove small indentations in untreated wood, try wetting the area with a small amount of water. Then cover with some brown paper and apply a medium hot iron for a minute or two. The heat will evaporate the water, and the steam will expand the squashed wood fibres back into their original place.

6. Slipping Rugs - Why not try using some double-sided tape to hold them in place.

7. Paint on Skin - Got paint all over your skin after a paint job?  Apply some baby oil, and you can easily wash it off.

8. Smell of Paint - Getting a headache from the overbearing smell of wet paint?  You can add two teaspoons of vanilla essence to one-and-a-half litres of paint this will reduce that strong smell, and ease your headache.

9. Old paint stains -  Try softening with linseed oil and then wiping off. For tough stains, follow up with a razor blade and scrape off.

10. Save some Water - To save on water when painting, don't wash paintbrushes and rollers in between coats. Simply wrap them tightly in plastic cling film and this will help them stay moist, even overnight.

11. Dripping Paint Tin - To stop from paint dripping onto the floor, glue a paper plate to the bottom of the paint can. The plate should be a couple of inches wider than the can so it catches and holds drips.

12. Keep Paint Fresh - To keep paint fresh try adding four tablespoons of methylated spirits.  Close up tightly, seal and store until next paint job. Do not stir the mixture until using paint again.  This should keep the paint fresh during storage.

13. Thread a Needle - Having difficulty threading a needle?  Why not spray some hairspray on the thread and stiffen it, then effortlessly thread your needle.

14. Cutting Fabric - If you need to cut a straight line through a cotton or linen fabric... tease a thread free and then pull it out completely.  This will create a straight line that you can follow to easily cut a straight line.

15. Scissors and Fabric - If using scissors to cut through delicate fabrics, first dip in boiling water to heat and they will cut through more easily and less chance of damaging the fabric.



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