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Guy Martin Chases Michael Dunlop - Isle of Man TT

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Guy Martin pursues Michael Dunlop - Isle of Man TT Superbike Race

Check out this hair raising onboard footage of Guy Martin chasing down Michael Dunlop at the Isle of Man TT.  Thrilling.  Terrifying.  Breath Taking!  Two riders give it all they've got as they go toe to toe at the world famous Isle of Man Superbike Tourist Trophy.




Martin took his place on the podium in second spot, behind Michael Dunlop, following the white knuckle six lap thriller.  It was Guy's 14th Isle of Man TT podium finish.  The encounter was played out on the sun drenched 226 mile long circuit, (6 laps).  Team mate, the late William Dunlop finished in sixth place with a PB Isle of Man TT lap on the final circuit at 130.239 mph. Martin’s fastest lap topped out at 130.969 mph.

The Bike - Tyco Suzuki Superbike:

guy martin tyco suzuki superbike


Speaking after the race Guy said: "That was a good effort and I really enjoyed it but I suppose it’s another second place.  But I have to take my hat off to Michael [Dunlop] as he’s riding well.  I right enjoyed that. It’s not even dinner time yet, so I suppose we can go do a day’s work now!”



Superbike TT Result [6 laps]: 1 Michael Dunlop [BMW] 1:45:46.384sec/ 128.415mph; 2 Guy Martin [Tyco Suzuki] +20sec; 3 Conor Cummins [Honda] +3sec; 4 Bruce Anstey [Honda] +21sec; 5 Michael Rutter [BMW] +16.4sec; 6 William Dunlop [Suzuki] +10sec; 7 John McGuinness [Honda] +1sec; 8 Dean Harrison [Kawasaki] +41sec; 9 James Hillier [Kawasaki] +24; 10 Josh Brookes [Yamaha] +0.7sec.


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  • balls of shteeeel

    Maevie on
  • I’m glad I wore my brown boxers today after watching that

    the Flynnster on
  • That’s living on the edge right there

    Maeve on

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