How to Stop Wheel Trim Theft

The Simple Trick To Stop Wheel Trim Theft

We all love a new set of shiney wheel trims.  For such a simple accessory it is amazing how they can make a great looking car look even better.  They are like the aesthetic icing on the cake in the motoring world.  The right set of wheel trims combine style and quality to complete the overall elegance of a car.

However there's nothing like scratched and muddy wheel trims to bring down the over all look of a set of wheels.  But what about wheel trim theft?  Some people actually go about steeling wheel trims of unsuspecting car owners.


Having your wheel trims stolen can shake your faith in humanity!  There's nothing worse than returning to your pride and joy to discover that some shady character has swiftly relieved you of your trims while you were away.  So, the question is 'how to keep hubcaps from being stolen'?

Well, don't panic just yet.  There is an answer.  This simple trick will stop those pesky trim thieves in their tracks and keep your wheels looking great.  We have all heard about the use of cable ties to tie the trim to the wheel.  The problem is, this only stops the casual thief.  What about the more determined wheel trim junkie?


The Answer - Stainless Steel Cable Ties


These ties will secure your trims in place and are the ultimate deterrent to wheel trim theft.  Stainless steel is also weather resistant and won't corrode over time.  These cable ties are the Arnold Scharzenegger variant of their nylon cable tie cousins.


The use of Stainless Steel Cable Ties is the Simple, Cheap and Easily Implemented solution.  Just 5 minutes will see your trims securely fastened to your wheels.  Unlike nylon cable ties they cannot be easily cut off and over increased security.  You can then relax safe in the knowledge that those cheeky monkeys won't be making off with your hubcaps next time you park up.

It is an age old question - how to secure wheel covers, how to secure wheel trims, how to secure hubcaps.  Well, now you know.  In fact, stainless steel cable ties have become so synonymous with stopping people from stealing hubcaps they are some times referred to as wheel trim ties or wheel trim cable ties.

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