The Truth Behind Car Odour And How To Get Rid Of It For Good

Get Rid Of Car Odour in 20 Minutes

Nobody likes car odour.  It's unpleasent to drive in and your passengers will be feeling uncomfortable too.  You don't want people getting into your pride and joy and thinking - “this car smells.” 

Do you find you have to periodically roll down the window to get some fresh air in?  Once you become aware of a bad smell in your vehicle the next step is to do something about it.  It's time to freshen up!


What you haven't been told...

The most common source of bad smell and odour in a vehicle is generated from inside the air conditioning system.   The AC system is made up of a small enclosed dark space that is constantly wet and moist. These conditions make it the ideal breathing ground for the formation of mould, bacteria and fungus.  And these creatures are the primary culprits when it comes to car odour.

These microbes cling to walls and proliferate around the condenser and evaporator to establish a virulent and hostile colony.  This growth is the source of that foul odour you can detect when you drive and you may be unintentionally spreading it through your car every time you use the AC.




How do you fix it...??

If you haven't heard about this condition before, you might be thinking - “Why didn't I know about this?”  But don't worry, as horrible as AC microbial growth is, it is a very simple and cheap problem to fix.  You can have your  entire system flushed out, sterilised and your car freshened up like new in minutes.

All you need is an Air Con Sanitiser.  This low cost and highly effective treatment will penetrate your air conditioning system and perform a Deep Clean.  It will eliminate microbial growth and their associated foul odour. 

This powerful little aerosol packs a serious punch and will sanitise your entire AC unit in minutes leaving your car smelling fresh and crisp once again.The entire treatment is easy to perform and will restore your vehicle in no more than 20 minutes.  See below for instructions on how to apply the sanitiser.


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How to Apply:
1. Shake well before use.
2. Start engine.
3. Turn on A/C.  Set to re-circulating and maximum cooling.
4. Point vents to centre of car.
5. Place can upright in front passenger side foot well.
6. Position can to ensure product does not spray directly onto dashboard or other trim.
7. If car has leather seats place a dry cloth over base of seat to prevent spotting of sensitive leather.
8. Press button and lock down, exit car and close door.
9. Allow the can to discharge fully.
10. Only use when vehicle is unoccupied.
11. Once discharged, treatment is complete.
12. Switch off the engine.
13. Return ventilation system to normal settings.
14. Before driving, open doors and allow car to vent for 2 minutes - allowing vapour to disperse.
15. Never smoke when using this product.


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