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Tips on Choosing A Good Mechanic/ Garage:

When it comes to choosing a good mechanic make sure you ask the right questions.  Consider running through these the next time you find yourself in garage forecourt.

  • If you have a warranty, does the garage honour it for the job at hand?
  • Also, if you have a warranty - does it cover labour and parts?
  • Does the garage clearly display its warranty information?
  • Is pricing clearly displayed or explained to you? You want to know how much you will be paying per hour.
  • Does the garage have any professional registration or certification?
  • Does the garage display any professional awards / training certificates?
  • Ask for a written estimate before committing to the service.
  • Do a quick online check to see if there are any prominent complaints against the garage.
  • Are the staff helpful and professional?  Sometimes you can just get a good or bad feeling about a place.  Does your gut tell you they are a good mechanic?
  • Are the genuinely interested in the questions you have asked them?


Have you had any interesting experiences in finding a good garage?
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