Top 4 Advantages of: Fingerless Mechanic's Gloves

What are the key Advantages of Fingerless Mechanics Gloves?

With the latest advances in the technology of both natural and synthetic materials in the manufacturing of work gloves, fingerless work gloves are sometimes used less now than in the past. However, fingerless gloves do provide important advantages compared to conventional gloves.

  1. Dexterity

    – with your fingers totally exposed you have the manual dexterity required to perform many tasks that are more difficult while wearing a full hand glove.  The movement of your fingers is not restricted by being covered by tight or loose fitted gloves.

  2. Sensitivity

    - with open top fingers on the gloves you can feel exactly what you are doing and your sense of touch is not hindered by glove material.  This has many key advantages when performing delicate jobs on an automobile.

  3. Aeration

    – when working in warm conditions, full safety work gloves can quickly make your hands feel very uncomfortable and sweaty.  With exposed fingers, your hands are cooler, aerated and can be easily wiped dry even if they build up sweat.

  4. Lighter Weight

    – with your hand covered by less material, fingerless work gloves often weigh less giving you less hand fatigue than with other heavier work gloves allowing you to work for longer extended periods and increase productivity.

Bumps, Cuts & Bruises are only a few of the many hazards that come with working as a mechanic.


  • Breathability - Important in both hot and cold weather - gloves that breathe well always keep your hands more comfortable.  Sweaty hands in winter can make them feel colder and in summer aeration is vital for comfort.

  • Impact & Cut Resistance - In the garage there's a constant threat of painful impact causing injury - dropped tools/ falling parts.  Gloves that provide impact resistance help absorb the shock and protect your hands from cuts.  An essential when protecting your hands.

  • Good Grip - When working with engines and parts covered in grease, oil and other petroleum based products grip becomes a vital consideration.  The right pair of gloves should provide secure grip and handling even in the garage environment.

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